From CNA to CEO: Necole Mitchell's Inspiring Journey

Breann Kakacek
Mar 19, 2023
The Education Entrepreneur: Necole Mitchell

Necole Mitchell, CEO, BSN, RN, started the path to become a Registered Nurse (RN) when she was just a teenager. She began her career as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) in 2012 when she was a single teenage mother and was motivated by her mom to join the healthcare field. Necole’s mom worked as a CNA for more than 20 years taking care of her family and influencing them to do more.

Being a single teenage mother wasn’t easy while going to school and working. Still, she continued her education and became a medication tech while working in home health and long-term care facilities. With her mom as her role model, Necole decided to keep helping others through nursing and making a difference in the world.

Necole teaching children First Aid to help them learn life-saving skills.

Necole was determined, even though she did not have enough money for nursing school directly; she took things one step at a time. She persevered through financial and time management challenges to complete her nursing program and became a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN).

After working in long-term care as an LPN, Necole was inspired by her family to further her career in nursing and took the necessary steps toward achieving her goal. In 2016, Necole embraced her passion for helping others by becoming a nurse and completed the schooling for her associate's degree in nursing (ADN).

Finding the time to complete the nursing program with children was a struggle. “Starting off in a nursing program wasn’t in the budget at the time; I had to take the necessary steps to work my way up,” Necole recalled.

Necole has worked as a CNA, medication tech, LPN, and RN across many different areas, including the hospital setting. She didn’t stop there; wanting to set a good example for her children, Necole later continued her education and received her bachelor of science in nursing (BSN).

Necole Mitchell at a graduation ceremony of her students.
“My advice would be to never give up, and it's going to be hard and challenging. Never give up; keep going, the sky's the limit.”

“My advice would be to never give up, and it's going to be hard and challenging. Never give up; keep going, the sky's the limit,” said Mitchell. Her determination paid off, and she now serves as CEO of her own company.

Working in the hospitals as a nurse in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, she saw a need for more healthcare workers and wanted to help bridge the gap in the shortage. When asked about her motivation for opening the academy, Necole said, “My children motivated me more than they can ever know.” As a single mother with two children, she was determined to push herself to provide them with a better future.

Mitchell opened her school Necoles Learning Academy in 2020 to help the ever growing demand for healthcare workers. She saw an opportunity when she realized there were no other schools like hers located in Jacksonville, TX. Over the next three years, she opened new schools in four different cities of Texas: Garland, Longview, Jacksonville, and Tyler, providing medical training and certifications to upcoming healthcare professionals.

Ribbon cutting for their new school located in Jacksonville, Texas
“It is ok to start at the bottom; it can be used as a stepping stone to work your way up to higher positions."

Necole encourages new students just starting out in the healthcare field not to be discouraged if they have to start at the bottom. “It is ok to start at the bottom; it can be used as a stepping stone to work your way up to higher positions," she said. She advises those who are just beginning their journey into healthcare to study hard and make time for their new career if they want it to succeed.

"Study hard, this is a career, and you should make time for your new career to succeed," Necole tells her students. 

Necole Mitchell is an inspiration to her students as she continues her journey as CEO of Necole’s Learning Academy while simultaneously pursuing her dream of becoming a nurse practitioner (NP). When asked about how long she had wanted to be an NP, Necole said since childhood, "My mother has always motivated me since I was young, so I have wanted this since I was a child.”

Mitchell never gave up on her dreams, pushing forward and taking each necessary step to reach the top. With perseverance as her driving force, she achieved success! She made her way up with hard work and sacrifice.

She is taking the next step in obtaining her doctorate of nurse practitioner degree (DNP), demonstrating that hard work and dedication can create great opportunities.

“I like to push myself and show others you can do anything you put your mind to.” 

“It has always been my goal to be an NP; I like to push myself and show others you can do anything you put your mind to.”  She is currently attending school to reach this goal and prove that she can do anything she puts her mind to.

Necole is a dedicated student and CEO who still operates Necole’s Learning Academy while working towards her goal of becoming an NP. When she isn’t busy at the academy or in her own classes, she still picks up occasional shifts as a nurse. Her story proves that hard work and dedication can overcome obstacles to achieve goals.

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Written by
Breann Kakacek

Breann Kakacek, BSN, RN, is a writer at Dreambound. She has been a RN for more than 8 years and a CNA for 2 years. She has worked in medical ICU, cardiovascular ICU and moonlighted in the OR as a circulating nurse. She has a passion for writing and enjoys sharing her nursing knowledge.

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