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Hybrid Chiropractic Assistant certification Classes


Chiropractic Assistant's responsibilities include answering e-mails and phone calls, scheduling appointments, and welcoming patients. You will also be required to assist with occasional clinical work, including the administration of diagnostic assessments. 6 weeks program.

$1,915 total

Hybrid Certified Nursing Assistant certification Classes


Necole’s Learning Academy - Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Training Program

Elevate your healthcare career with our distinguished Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Training Program. Guided by experienced professionals, our course ensures quality training to cultivate skilled nursing assistants.

Program Overview

  • As a nursing assistant, you will assist patients with basic daily tasks under the supervision of a licensed nurse.

  • Your daily patient interaction means you're a key player in patient care and in updating nurses on patient conditions.

Course Structure

  • Our course lasts three weeks, blending online and in-person learning.

  • The program encompasses 60 hours of online classes and 40 hours of in-person instruction.

Learning Outcomes

  • Upon completion, you will acquire the necessary skills to be a competent Certified Nursing Assistant.

Additional Requirements (Not Included in Tuition)

  • Maroon Scrubs (to be purchased at CBS Scrubs in Jacksonville or their website)

  • General Supply Fee

  • CNA Textbook & Workbook

  • Student Badge

  • Watch with a second hand

  • CNA State Exam Fee (To be paid separately by the student after the program)

  • Optional: CNA Graduation Pin

Embark on your journey to become a Certified Nursing Assistant with Necole's Learning Academy today.

$362.50 to start

$725 total

Hybrid Medical Billing / Coding certification Classes


Necole’s Learning Academy - Medical Billing & Coding Program

A Stepping Stone to a Pivotal Role in Healthcare

Medical billers and coders play an essential role in the healthcare sector, processing patient data such as treatment records and associated insurance details. This program aims to equip you with skills to ensure healthcare providers are compensated accurately and efficiently for their services.

Key Outcomes

The program focuses on providing an in-depth understanding of:

  • Medical insurance

  • The claims process

  • The appeals process

  • Revenue optimization

The goal is to ensure you have the requisite knowledge to improve the financial health of any medical practice by optimizing its revenue performance.

What Lies Beyond the Course

Please note that you may need to consider additional costs, which are not included in the tuition. These can include textbooks, student badge, CPR certification, general supply fee, national study guide & practice tests (optional), national exam fee, and an optional graduation pin.

Dress Code

Students are required to wear pink scrubs, which must be purchased from CBS Scrubs.

$500 to start

$1,800 total

Hybrid Electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG) certification Classes


Get Involved in Heart Health with our EKG Technician Class

If you're interested in learning the basics of electrocardiography, we've got a course for you! Our EKG Technician class will teach you how to use EKG equipment.

What You'll Learn

In this course, you will:

  • Get a handle on medical terminology
  • Deepen your understanding of heart-related medical conditions
  • Learn how to document and code correctly

Jump into the rewarding field of heart health with us!

$475 to start

$950 total

Hybrid Pharmacy Technician certification Classes


Necole’s Learning Academy - Pharmacy Technician Program

Pursue a rewarding career as a Pharmacy Technician with our comprehensive 8-week program. With hands-on instruction, we'll equip you with a wide range of skills necessary for the role.

Program Content

As a Pharmacy Technician, you'll be expected to:

  • Fill bottles with doctor-prescribed medications
  • Type and apply labels with directions and other information for patients
  • Pre-pack bulk medications
  • Handle any required cash register operations
  • Resolve issues, concerns, or complaints made by customers
  • Call doctors for prescription refill authorizations
  • Keep detailed records of on-hand medications and other stock
  • Resolve any issues with patients' insurance coverage

Additional Costs

There are additional costs associated with this course (not included in tuition). Please prepare for the following:

  • Maroon scrubs (To be purchased at CBS Scrubs in Jacksonville or on their website)
  • Pharmacy Technician Textbook & Workbook
  • Student Badge
  • CPR Certification
  • General Supply Fee
  • Study Guide and Practice Tests
  • Exam Fee (Payable to the state)
  • Pharmacy Technician Graduation Pin (Optional)

Choose to pursue an exciting, challenging and rewarding career in Pharmacy with Necole’s Learning Academy.

$475 to start

$950 total

Hybrid Medication Aide certification Classes


Applicants must be employed as certified nurse aides listed on the Texas Nurse Aide Registry in active status and currently employed in a facility licensed under Texas Health and Safety Code Chapter 242 on class start date or employed on class start date as non-licensed direct care staff in a facility licensed under Chapter 247; a state supported living center or ICF/IID and have 90 days previous employment in the year preceding the class start date.

$400 to start

$800 total

Hybrid Phlebotomy certification Classes


Nothing but 5 stars on Google for Necole's 6-week Phlebotomy program. They have highly-trained instructors who make classes fun with their hands-on approach to teaching.

$475 to start

$950 total

About school

Offering 13 courses including CNA and Phlebotomy, Necole’s Learning Academy Garland maintains a 5-star Google review thanks to their professional staff, very knowledgeable teachers, and an amazing learning environment. NLA promises a successful career through great education.

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