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Manage your student roster, class schedules, and much more from our free easy-to-use CRM tool designed with CNA schools in mind. We're constantly adding new features to make your operations smoother.

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Stop turning away students who can’t pay. In select cities (expanding quickly), your students will have access to an array of tuition payment options from employer sponsorships to tuition reimbursement programs.

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"We had to hire new staff to handle increased demand from students once we started with Dreambound!"

Samuel Asiedu
C E Global Health Education Network Inc

Why Dreambound?

Increase student enrollments

Thousands of students visit Dreambound every month. Get exposure to them and increase your enrollment without spending a single dime on advertising or sales.

Lower cost of operations

Dreambound's suite of free tools and marketing programs means you can spend less money on tools and marketing to run your business.

Job placement for your students

All your students get exposure to our growing network of partnered employers who have growing hiring needs for students that you work hard to train.

Lower default rates

Dreambound collects and verifies payment details from every student. In select markets, we sponsor entire tuition cost so you can rest assured that you get paid.

"After working with Dreambound my classes are regularly almost full. Plus, I get to focus on what I love: running a great class."

Justina Ekezie
Vinepress Training Center

Designed specifically for vocational schools

Generic Forms
Typeform, Jotform, Ninjaform, etc
Unlimited user accounts
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Unlimited types of forms
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Unlimited document uploads
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Unlimited submissions
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Unlimited payments collection
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Document e-sign
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Partial form submissions
Connected to lightweight CRM
Promotes traffic to your school
Auto-magic form updates when adding a new program, class, or payment options

Frequently asked questions

What is Dreambound?

Dreambound’s mission is to create upward mobility for America by breaking down barriers to vocational careers. For vocational schools Dreambound is a technology partner and source of new student registrations.

Where are you located?

Dreambound is headquartered in San Francisco, CA. Our platform is open to schools based anywhere in the US.

Why should I work with Dreambound?

We've made it a no-brainer for schools to sign-up with Dreambound. There's zero cost for you to join. You get free tools to run your registration process, traction from increased exposure to CNA students, and access to our array of tuition sponsorship programs.

Do you only work with CNA schools?

We can support virtually every program you offer. We have schools offering CNA, Licensed Caregiver, Phlebotomy and more. However for our tuition sponsorship programs are only open to CNA license.

How much does it cost?

It is free for schools to join the Dreambound platform. There are no set up or subscription fees.

For students that you process through Dreambound, we charge a at-cost credit card processing fee of 3%. For students that Dreambound brings to you via our marketing channels, we will charge a 20% commission on tuition fee.

Hear from our students

"I don't think I would have started my CNA journey if it wasn't for you guys. The tweaking of my resume, helping me get ready for my state exam and job placement. And also just helping me learn and prepare for the new life I was about to start."

Jasmine Hopkins

"It has been so nice having people helping me with my resume, especially my Dreambound Coaches Shiroy & Brandon. Just this morning, someone had already called me from a nursing home offering me a CNA position!"

Justyce Urraca

"Dreambound was an outstanding experience for me. You stood strong with me from making it to class and also being prepared. Wonderful people with a strong mission to help someone achieve their success in life."

Daybreunna Williams

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