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Hybrid Patient Care Technician certification Classes


The Patient Care Technician training program is designed to prepare aspiring students to function as nursing support personnel, with a double certification you'll be above the level of a nursing assistant. After completing this program students will sit for their Phlebotomy, EKG, and Nursing Assistant tests.

$600 to start

$3,105 total

Hybrid Pharmacy Technician certification Classes


Necole's Learning Academy: Pharmacy Technician Program

Experience an immersive learning journey with Necole's Learning Academy's Pharmacy Technician Program. Structured as an 8-week program, it provides in-depth understanding and hands-on experience, focusing on duties performed by a pharmacy technician.

Key Learnings

  • Pharmacy Operations: From filling bottles with doctor-prescribed medications to pre-packing bulk medications.

  • Customer Service: Resolving customer issues, concerns or complaints, handling cash register operations.

  • Prescription Handling: Calling doctors for prescription refill authorizations, creating prescription information labels.

  • Record Management: Keeping detailed records of medications and other stock.

  • Insurance Procedures: Resolving issues with patients' insurance coverage.

Additional Costs (not included in tuition)

  • Maroon scrubs (Discounted at CBS Scrubs)

  • Pharmacy Technician Textbook & Workbook - $230

  • Student Badge - $20

  • CPR Certification - $45

  • General Supply Fee - $50

  • Study Guide and Practice Tests - $90

  • Exam Fee (Payable to state) - $136

  • Pharmacy Technician Graduation Pin (Optional) - $20

Join us to equip yourself with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel as a pharmacy technician.

$950 total

In person Medical Assistant certification Classes

In person

Necole's Learning Academy Medical Assistant Program

Ever thought about stepping into the shoes of a medical assistant? The Medical Assistant program at Necole's Learning Academy is designed to be just the right fit for you.

What Will You Learn?

  • Vital signs: Learn the ins and outs of taking patients' vital signs.
  • Screening tests: Conduct practical in-office screening tests.
  • Laboratory tasks: Get hands-on with collecting and preparing specimens for diagnostic labs.
  • Medical history: Become a pro at recording patients' medical histories.
  • Additional skills: Unleash your potential with additional tasks like preparing and administering medications, maintaining examination rooms, and managing medical supplies.

And There's More!

This 10-week program also gives you an option to earn your IV certification. That means, along with the prestigious CCMA certification, you also walk away with an IV certificate!

Additional materials required for the program include grey scrubs, a CCMA Textbook & Workbook, a student badge, a CPR certification, a watch with a second hand, a stethoscope & blood pressure cuff, a national study guide & practice tests, and the CCMA National Exam.

Your journey to becoming a skilled medical assistant is just a step away at Necole's Learning Academy!

$1,800 total

Hybrid Medication Aide certification Classes


Applicants must be employed as certified nurse aides listed on the Texas Nurse Aide Registry in active status and currently employed in a facility licensed under Texas Health and Safety Code Chapter 242 on class start date or employed on class start date as non-licensed direct care staff in a facility licensed under Chapter 247; a state supported living center or ICF/IID and have 90 days previous employment in the year preceding the class start date.

$800 total

Hybrid Medical Assistant certification Classes


Eager to become a vital part of a healthcare team? Our Medical Assistant program is here to pave the way!

Course Overview: In just 10 weeks, we'll equip you with the skills to perform essential tasks in a clinical setting. As a clinical medical assistant, you'll learn to take patients' vital signs, conduct in-office screening tests, prepare specimens for lab work, and record medical histories.

Moreover, you might even master additional tasks such as administering medications, applying bandages, and handling electrocardiograms and X-rays.

And guess what? There's an option to gain your IV certification too! Complete this course with the IV certification, and you'll receive both your CCMA and IV certificates.

Please Note:
Apart from tuition, there are additional costs including a general supply fee, textbooks, a student badge, a CPR certification, and items like grey scrubs, a watch with a second hand, stethoscope & blood pressure cuff, among others.

Can't wait to start this journey with you!

$1,800 total

In person CPR / Basic Life Support certification Classes

In person

BLS CPR Training at Necole's Learning Academy

Welcome to a thorough and comprehensive CPR training course offered by Necole's Learning Academy.

Program Highlights

  • Certification: Upon completion, participants will be nationally certified, enabling them to work across the United States.

  • Tailored Payment Options: We understand financial constraints, and hence we offer personalized payment plans to fit your needs.

  • Expertise: The course is designed and delivered by healthcare professionals, many of whom hold Bachelors and Masters degrees in their respective fields.

  • Intimate Learning Environment: We believe in quality over quantity. Our small class sizes ensure a more personalized learning experience.

  • Excellence in Education: Our primary aim is to equip our students with the best possible education in the field.

  • Origin: Proud to be privately owned by a dedicated Healthcare Professional.

Course Content

  • Certifications in BLS, Pediatric, and First Aid under the American Heart Association.

  • Mandatory orientation to set the right course expectations.

At Necole's Learning Academy, our students are always our priority. Join us to experience a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical insights.

$50 total

Hybrid Electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG) certification Classes


Necole's Learning Academy EKG Technician Training Program

Start an enriching career in healthcare with our EKG Technician training program.

Program Overview

Specialize in Electrocardiogram (EKG) testing and work alongside doctors and technologists in healthcare facilities. Learn to monitor the heart's performance using EKG machines by attaching wires and electrodes to a patient's chest, arms, and legs.

Additional Program Costs

Kindly note, there are additional costs that are not included in the tuition:

  • Black Scrubs: Students are requested to purchase black scrubs from CBS Scrubs in Jacksonville or their website, with a student discount available.

  • EKG Textbook: A comprehensive resource for all your course needs.

  • Student Badge: For identification and access within the academy.

  • CPR Certification: Essential certification for all healthcare professionals.

  • General Supply Fee: For the miscellaneous items necessary throughout the course.


  • EKG Graduation Pin: A symbol of your achievement upon course completion.

$475 to start

$950 total

Hybrid Certified Nursing Assistant certification Classes


Necole's Learning Academy - CNA Program

Welcome to Necole's Learning Academy's Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) Program. In this program, designed for people passionate about patient care, you'll learn to perform basic daily tasks for patients under a licensed nurse's supervision.

What You'll Do

  • CNAs play a crucial role in patient's lives, offering extensive daily contact and aiding in vital tasks.

  • Through our program, you'll become equipped with the necessary skills to become a Certified Nurses Assistant.

Program Duration

  • This program consists of 60 hours of online classwork and 40 hours of in-person practical experience, spread over three weeks.

$362.50 to start

$725 total

In person Phlebotomy certification Classes

In person

Nothing but 5 stars on Google for Necole's 6-week Phlebotomy program. They have highly-trained instructors who make classes fun with their hands-on approach to teaching.

$475 to start

$950 total

In person Dental Assistant certification Classes

In person

Dental assistants are responsible for providing the patient with high quality care by performing a variety of office, laboratory, and patient care duties. This usually entails helping the dentist handle patients, instruments, and supplies during the treatment of the teeth, mouth, and gums.

$600 to start

$3,145 total

Hybrid Medical Billing / Coding certification Classes


Medical billers and coders are the healthcare professionals in charge of processing patient data, such as treatment records and related insurance information. Both medical billing and medical coding professions are involved in the medical reimbursement cycle, working together to ensure that healthcare providers are accurately and efficiently paid for the services they perform. Increasing demands on providers and allied health clinicians with decreasing reimbursement requires medical offices to invest in highly skilled medical billers.

An intimate understanding of medical insurance, the claims process, the appeals process, and the impact on revenue gives the medical biller the necessary knowledge to optimize revenue performance. The financial health of a practice depends on the effectiveness and overall performance of the billing office.

$500 to start

$2,145 total

Hybrid Chiropractic Assistant certification Classes


Chiropractic Assistant's responsibilities include answering e-mails and phone calls, scheduling appointments, and welcoming patients. You will also be required to assist with occasional clinical work, including the administration of diagnostic assessments. 6 weeks program.

$500 to start

$1,915 total

About school

Are you looking for a career in the medical field? Necole's Learning Academy offers online, in-person, and hybrid courses for Physical Therapy Aide, Medical Assistants, Phlebotomy, Dental assistants, Pharmacy Technicians, and Certified Nurses Assistants, and more.

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