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In person CPR / Basic Life Support certification Classes

In person

Necole's Learning Academy: CPR Classes Overview

Dive into a comprehensive CPR training at Necole's Learning Academy, Jacksonville. Here's why our program stands out:


  • American Heart Association Approved: Our CPR Classes are in sync with the standards of the American Heart Association.

  • Variety of Courses: We cater to diverse needs with offerings like BLS (Basic Life Support), Pediatric CPR, and First Aid.

  • Orientation: An introduction session ensures you're fully prepared for the training.

Why Choose Us:

  • National Certification: Our training enables you to gain a certification recognized across the United States.

  • Affordability with Flexibility: Benefit from our pocket-friendly courses complemented by tailored payment plans.

  • Expertise on Board: Our teaching staff includes Healthcare professionals, some of whom hold Bachelors and Masters degrees.

  • Focused Learning Environment: Our smaller class sizes ensure personalized attention, making learning effective and interactive.

  • High-Quality Education: Our commitment? Delivering the best education to our students, ensuring they're equipped with crucial life-saving skills.

  • Trustworthy Establishment: Necole's Learning Academy is a private institution, helmed by an experienced Healthcare Professional.

Embark on a fulfilling journey of learning and enhancing your skill set with us!

$50 total

Hybrid Medical Billing / Coding certification Classes


Medical Billing and Coding Program at Necole's Learning Academy

Embark on a rewarding career path in the healthcare industry with our specialized Medical Billing and Coding Program.

Course Overview:

Medical billers and coders play a critical role in the healthcare ecosystem, managing patient data, treatment records, and insurance information. They form the linchpin of the medical reimbursement cycle, ensuring that healthcare providers receive accurate and efficient payment for the services rendered.

By participating in our program, students will develop an intricate understanding of:

  • Medical insurance processes
  • Claims and appeals processes
  • Optimization of revenue performance

Such knowledge is invaluable as the financial health of medical practices largely hinges on the efficacy and performance of their billing offices.

Program Duration:

Our comprehensive program spans a duration of eight weeks.

Additional Materials:

Please note, additional materials for this course (not included in the tuition) comprise of the Medical Billing & Coding Textbook & Workbook, CPT and ICD books, student badge, CPR Certification, general supply fee, optional National Study Guide & Practice Tests, optional Medical Billing & Coding National Exam, and optional graduation pin. Scrubs are a mandatory part of the student attire and can be purchased from CBS Scrubs in Jacksonville or on their website.

$2,030 total

Hybrid Certified Nursing Assistant certification Classes


Kickstart Your Career with Necole's Learning Academy

Certified Nurse Assistant Program

  • Start a rewarding career as a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) with Necole's Learning Academy!

  • Our comprehensive CNA program takes just 3 weeks to complete, offering a blend of online and in-person learning for your convenience.

  • As a CNA, you'll play a crucial role in patient care, working under a licensed nurse and making a real difference in your patients' lives.

What You'll Learn

  • Our program provides 60 hours of online classes and 40 hours of in-person training to equip you with the necessary skills.

  • You'll learn how to assist patients with daily tasks, while maintaining open communication with nursing staff about the patient's condition.

Additional Requirements

While we strive to cover most aspects of your training, there are a few additional items and fees required, including:

  • Maroon scrubs

  • General supply fee

  • CNA Textbook & Workbook

  • Student Badge

  • Watch with a second hand

  • CNA State Exam fee (paid separately after the program)

  • Optional CNA Graduation Pin

$362.50 to start

$725 total

In person Chiropractic Assistant certification Classes

In person

Chiropractic Assistant Training

About the Course Our Chiropractic Assistant training is a 6-week program designed to help you kickstart your career in the healthcare sector. Here, you'll learn how to juggle various responsibilities from handling administrative tasks to performing minor clinical duties.

What You'll Learn

  • Responding to emails and phone calls
  • Managing appointments
  • Welcoming patients
  • Assisting with diagnostic assessments

Career Opportunities After training, you're prepared to work in a chiropractic office or similar healthcare settings. With the right blend of patient interaction and administrative tasks, you'll be a valuable part of any team.

Note Additional costs such as uniform (Teal scrubs), book, CPR certification, student badge, general supply fee, and optional graduation pin are not included in the tuition fee.

$500 to start

$1,800 total

In person Dental Assistant certification Classes

In person

Necole's Learning Academy - Dental Assistant Program

Unleash your potential with our Dental Assistant program at Necole's Learning Academy!


Dental assistants are a vital cog in any dental care setup. Our nine-week program prepares you for this role with a focus on:

  • Providing high-quality patient care
  • Performing various office, laboratory, and patient care duties
  • Assisting dentists with patient treatments and managing dental instruments

What You Get

Through our comprehensive program, you'll learn to handle a variety of tasks involving patient care, dental treatments, and managing supplies. The end goal? A professional ready to contribute effectively in the treatment of teeth, mouth, and gums.


On your first day, we'll orient you to get started on this exciting journey. Note that there are additional costs for course materials and certifications, which are not included in the tuition.

Kick-start your career with Necole's Learning Academy and step into the rewarding field of dental care!

$600 to start

$2,800 total

Hybrid Medical Assistant certification Classes


Necole's Learning Academy provides a top-tier Clinical Medical Assistant Program that is comprehensive and designed to kickstart your medical career.

About The Program:

  • 10-week program in which you will learn and practice vital skills, such as taking and recording patient vital signs, conducting in-office screening tests, preparing specimens for laboratories, and recording medical histories.
  • Depending on the location, you may also be trained in administering medications, taking electrocardiograms and X-rays, maintaining examining rooms, and purchasing and stocking medical supplies.
  • Throughout the program, you will be working under the supervision of professional physicians.
  • An optional IV certification is available with this course, upon completion of which you'll receive your CCMA AND IV certificates.

Additional Costs:

  • Grey scrubs
  • General Supply Fee
  • CCMA Textbook & Workbook
  • Student Badge
  • COVID test (optional, can be done at a physician's office)
  • CPR Certification
  • Watch with a second hand
  • Stethoscope & Blood Pressure Cuff
  • National Study Guide & Practice Tests
  • CCMA National Exam
  • CCMA Graduation Pin (Optional)

$1,800 total

Hybrid Medication Aide certification Classes


Necole's Learning Academy - Jacksonville (NLA - Jacksonville) in Tyler, TX offers a Qualified Medication Aide class. This class is designed to teach students the skills and knowledge necessary to safely and accurately administer medications to patients in a variety of settings. Upon successful completion of the course, students will be eligible to take the Texas State Exam and become a Qualified Medication Aide.

$400 to start

$800 total

In person Phlebotomy certification Classes

In person

NLA - Jacksonville's Phlebotomist class provides students with the necessary training to become certified phlebotomists. Students will learn blood collection techniques and safety protocols, as well as medical terminology and anatomy related to the field. Upon completion, they will be eligible to sit for the national certification exam with the American Society of Phlebotomy Technicians (ASPT).

$475 to start

$950 total

Hybrid Pharmacy Technician certification Classes


Necole's Learning Academy: Pharmacy Technician Program

Unleash your potential in the field of healthcare with Necole's Learning Academy's Pharmacy Technician program. In this intensive 8-week course, you will acquire comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience, equipping you to carry out essential pharmacy tasks efficiently and accurately.

What You'll Learn:

  • Filling bottles with doctor-prescribed medications

  • Applying labels with instructions and other necessary patient information

  • Pre-packing bulk medications

  • Handling cash register operations

  • Resolving customer complaints and concerns

  • Obtaining refill authorizations from doctors

  • Keeping meticulous records of medications and other stocks

  • Handling issues related to patient insurance coverage

Please note that there are additional costs not included in the tuition, such as purchasing maroon scrubs, textbooks and workbooks, student badge, CPR certification, general supply fee, study guide and practice tests, exam fee, and an optional graduation pin.

Please also be aware that tuition assistance may be available through the Texas Workforce Commission.

$475 to start

$950 total

Hybrid Electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG) certification Classes


Necole's Learning Academy: EKG Technician Program

Ready to kickstart your career as an EKG Technician? Check out our program details:

EKG Technician Training

  • A robust 6-week program covering theoretical and practical aspects.
  • You'll learn to use EKG machines, complex devices that monitor the heart's performance.

Key Skills

  • Learn to attach wires and electrodes to patients' chests, arms, and legs.
  • Develop a strong understanding of the heart's performance.


  • On program completion, you'll be ready to work in healthcare facilities alongside doctors and technologists.
  • An EKG Graduation Pin (optional) to celebrate your achievement!

$950 total

About school

Are you looking for a career in the medical field? Necole's Learning Academy offers online, in-person, and hybrid courses for Physical Therapy Aide, Medical Assistants, Phlebotomy, Dental assistants, Pharmacy Technicians, and Certified Nurses Assistants, and more.

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