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How to Become a CNA in Indiana

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Unlock Your CNA Journey in Indiana: the Crossroads of America! Dreambound's step-by-step guide to becoming a CNA will guide you to success. From training to rewards, discover your path to healthcare excellence in the state where cornfields and compassionate care unite!

The land of Hoosiers boasts fantastic things to do and see. From outdoor adventures to cool history spots, Indiana's got you covered. And hey, aspiring CNAs, guess what? Your path is as bright as the sun-soaked days here – a future as exciting as exploring all Indiana offers!

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Where can I find classes?

When it comes to CNA classes in Indiana, options are endless.  Community colleges, vocational schools, and healthcare facilities like hospitals offer accredited programs. Look for CNA programs near you to kick-start your education; Dreambound is your companion in this journey. We simplify the process of exploring and connecting with reputable schools that align with your goals. You can take confident steps toward a future in healthcare without the hassle, ensuring you're well-prepared for the path you're passionate about.

How long is the training?

You may wonder how much time it takes to become a CNA. On average, CNA training in Indiana lasts about 4-12 weeks, depending on the training provider. You must complete the Fundamentals of Nursing class or equivalent course with a “C” or better grade during the program. You need to complete a total of 105 hours of training which includes:

  1. Classroom instruction: A minimum of 30 hours of traditional classroom or online equivalent instruction, and

  2. Clinical instruction: It’s a total of 75 hours — 32 hours of clinical instruction completed in a licensed nursing home and 43 hours in the following:

  • Simulated lab;

  • Licensed nursing home approved by the  Indiana Department of Health (IDOH), and

  • Licensed Assisted Living facility approved by the IDOH with a maximum of 20 hours permitted.

NOTE: You must also undergo all clinical instruction under the supervision of a licensed registered nurse (RN) or practical nurse.

What do I need for my CNA class?

Are you gearing up for class? Upon enrollment, check with your program coordinator for a list of what you need to buy for class. You may need textbooks and any specific dress code for clinical training. Basic medical supplies like scrubs, a stethoscope, and non-slip shoes are all essential items to have for the clinical portion of the training. Then, you're all set for hands-on learning!

How much does the training and exam cost?

Investing in your future is vital, but let's talk about costs. Depending on your training provider, CNA training costs anywhere from $800 to $2,000. In Indiana, the fee for both the written and skills test is $75.00. If you choose to do just one test (written or skills), you must pay $65. You can pay with facility checks, money orders, or credit cards. They do not accept personal checks.

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How do I get certified?

Time to ace that certification exam! Passing the exam means you're one step closer to your dream career. It’s a process you need to take, and the steps include:

  1. Submitting an application. Ivy Tech Community College facilitates the CNA competency evaluations in Indiana. Applications are available on their official website when you are ready for the examination. Ivy Tech will generally schedule examinations within 30 days of application processing.

  2. Providing documentation. You must submit documentation of exam eligibility. Your program director will confirm your classroom and clinical hours completion through an IDOH-approved training program on the competency evaluation application. It can take two weeks to process your application and payment before you can set up a test date. 

  3. Taking the state test. After completing the 105-hour training, you are eligible to take the exam. It is both a written and skills competency test. The written test has 100 multiple-choice questions; you must answer 80 questions correctly in 90 minutes. Meanwhile, the skills test consists of a demonstration of hand hygiene and four additional skills randomly picked. 

When you pass the written and skills portions, you will become a Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) registered in the Indiana Nurse Aide Registry. You will have three tries to pass the exam. You will also receive information to help improve your test performance. So, to nail it for the first time, prepare for your examination to equip yourself with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed!

How much does a CNA in Indiana earn?

The hard work pays off – both emotionally and financially. As a CNA in Indiana, you can earn an average of $16.47 an hour or an estimated $34,250 yearly. You can find employment in diverse work settings — hospitals and assisted living facilities. Your compassion and dedication won't just change lives; they'll support yours too.

What career opportunities await me?

As a CNA, doors swing wide open. Hospitals, nursing homes, home healthcare agencies, and clinics eagerly welcome CNAs. Plus, it's a fantastic stepping stone if you're considering advanced medical careers.

Step aboard on this exciting journey with determination. Becoming a CNA in Indiana is a fulfilling path, and Dreambound is here to guide you every step of the way. Remember, you're not just entering a profession – you're joining a community dedicated to healing and caring. Your dream career starts now!

Dreambound is your go-to for city-specific guides if you're starting in this field. And if you're in another location or considering a change, we've written several others as well.

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