CNA Certification guide

How do I prepare for my CNA exam?

Venice Nuyda
Mar 21, 2023

The CNA state exam is a big deal. It's the culmination of all your hard work and commitment, and it's what will make you a *Certified* Nursing Assistant. It might be a little intimidating but don't let the pressure weigh heavier than the excitement of getting a certification under your belt! Once you have satisfied the training and other requirements stipulated by your state, below are few steps or actions you can take to ensure you ace the CNA exam:

Do a ton of practice tests

There are several online practice tests that you can use. Note that the format of the test may differ depending on your state and provider of the CNA exam. Make sure you know who the exam provider is for your state. These providers will have free practice tests that you can take on their websites. Here’s a great resource to find your exam provider by state and practice tests. Here’s another one. If you want an actual practice test, here’s a great one by National Nurse Aide Assessment Program.

Watch YouTube videos to practice the skill portion

Look for your latest state-specific exam skill-test videos since they’re updated almost every year. How to give a modified bed bath? How to position a client on the side? These videos will help you learn these skills.

Get additional textbooks  

Training providers have textbooks included in their tuition fee already and they may recommend some additional textbooks as references but if you’re an overachiever like I am here are additional text books to aide your preparation. This will help you review concepts from different angles to help ensure you have a crystal clear understanding of all-things CNA.

Learn from licensed CNAs

Learning from other licensed CNAs who have “been there, done that” can give you a perspective about preparing for your exam that you may not find anywhere else. Take in their stories, learn, and be inspired from their experiences. Lucky for you, we’ve done the hard work of documenting some inspiring stories of CNAs. You can read about: Justyce Urraca, Jasmine Hopkins, and Kristiana Heyward. Preparing yourself emotionally is just as important as learning concepts for the test; preparation comes with a lot of courage.

On the day of your exam, make sure that you’re presentable.

Trim your nails and practice tying your hair in a sleek bun. Make these grooming habits a part of your test preparation, especially for the practical part of the exam. Avoid wearing jewelry that might get in the way while you are doing your practical exam. Since becoming a CNA involves working directly with other people, it is important you look presentable and approachable.

If ever you find yourself overwhelmed in preparing for the state exams, remember that others like you have gone through the same experience. Remind yourself why you took this path and don’t lose sight of your motivations in pursuing this career. You can do it, we know you can–best of luck!

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Written by
Venice Nuyda

Venice Nuyda is a student-support representative at Dreambound. She is responsible for helping students through their training journey in the allied health space. She is passionate about helping others and writing informative articles to aid candidates in advancing their vocational careers.

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