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How to Become a CNA in Arizona

Alyssa Jane
Mar 3, 2023
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Are you considering becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) in Arizona? Arizona, also known as the Grand Canyon State, is in the top 15 states with the highest population of people aged 65 and older. Currently, 35.5% of the state population is 50 and above, and  18% is 65 and above.

Becoming a CNA can open up many opportunities in the medical field. You can enjoy the benefits of working for quality facilities, as Arizona is home to some of the top-rated nursing homes. The average CNA salary in Arizona starts at $31,000 and can go up to around $41,000.

CNA Programs in Arizona

In Arizona, aspiring CNAs can take an educational journey at a cost that varies from the starting point of $500 to the high-end mark of $1,700. If you're looking to become a certified nursing assistant in Arizona, the journey starts with completing 120 hours (or more) of training. Your timeline for completion could range from three weeks to two months, depending on the program. 

Unleash your full potential! Take the first step towards a successful career by exploring top-rated CNA schools in Arizona. No need to search other sites for classes - Dreambound does all the work for you, saving time and energy so you can concentrate on what truly matters: finding the perfect program near Phoenix, Mesa, Tucson, and other cities! 

What Do I Need to Buy for My CNA Classes? 

One must remember the correct dress code when enrolling in a CNA class. Students should come dressed to impress with their assigned color of scrubs, comfy socks, and appropriate closed-toed shoes - such as Danskos – to guarantee you are ready for success!

Books and supplies used in class depend on the training providers. Ask your school to see if they will provide textbooks, workbooks, and equipment during the program. Some sell complete kits for candidates, like gait belts, blood pressure cuffs, stethoscopes, and more. Ask your school to see if they will provide the necessary equipment during class and clinicals. 

Many training providers offer other certification courses that combine a CNA certificate with certification in other exciting fields, such as Medication Tech. Ask your school if they offer such programs to advance your career further.

CNA Requirements in Arizona

Let’s dive in on your journey to get your name in the Arizona registry! These three easy steps in becoming a CNA cover some of the general requirements, but let’s go through with the specifics:

  • Complete a CNA state-approved training program or apply for a waiver
    To become a CNA in Arizona, you must complete a state-approved program at a CNA school in Arizona. You also could apply for a waiver if you have completed a registered nursing course with 40 hours of long-term patient care in a long-term care facility or similar facilities. 
  • Proof of Arizona residency and age requirements
    To be a CNA in Arizona, you must be at least 16 years or older. You also need to prove that you are an Arizona state resident and a legal United States citizen.  Be sure to check out the list of acceptable documents and prepare them! Every CNA student in Arizona should upload documents to the Headmaster to show that they are legally here in the country. 
  • Pass the AZ state exam
    The Headmaster Testing Service administers and scores the state exams in Arizona. There are two parts to the exam, a knowledge test, and a skills test. There are 75 questions in the knowledge test and you have 60 minutes to complete it. For the skills test, there are 3 to 4 tasks that must be completed in 35 minutes. 

How Do I Register for a CNA Exam in Arizona? 

Once you have completed your CNA program, your school will process your application and will submit the date you finished training to the Headmaster. Log in with your secure Test ID and Pin number that you got from your school, choose a test date, pay the appropriate fees, schedule the testing date, and you’re all done! You will get a test confirmation notification after, so be on the lookout for that!  

If you are self-scheduling, submit the Candidate Payment Form, and after processing, you will receive an email from the Headmaster along with the steps to log in and schedule your exam. 

For exam takers with AZBN-approved NA Education Waiver, submit your Application Form 1101AZ and AZBN-approved Education Waiver to [email protected], and they will email you with information on how to log in and schedule your exam.

For questions and concerns, visit the Arizona State Board of Nursing for their contact details. Important forms are available at the said website and some are also found on the Headmaster's official website. The Candidate Handbook 2023 is also a helpful resource for becoming a CNA in Arizona. 

How Do I Prepare For My CNA Exam? 

Preparing for the state exam can be stressful. Stay focused and calm during these times and let us give you some tips to ace those exams! On the day of the exams, make sure to wear the proper dress code, bring an approved government-issued ID, and your pen and pencil. Learn more helpful tips and read about how you can prepare for your CNA exam!  

CNA jobs in Arizona

The projected employment growth for CNAs is currently expected to grow by 5% from 2021 to 2031. Furthermore, the job openings for CNAs each year are expected to be over 200,000! This demand for CNAs will continue with workers retiring from the field or current CNAs choosing to advance their careers. 

How Do I Get a Job as a CNA? 

There are many ways to find CNA jobs in Arizona. One example is looking at the usual job boards on the internet such as Indeed. Another example is to look for positions that are available on nursing home websites. We advise you to visit the website of the facility you want to work for and apply with ease. See the career growth you’ve been dreaming of and follow these tips to get a job as a CNA!

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