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How To Become a CNA in Georgia

Alyssa Jane
May 5, 2023

Georgia is famous for being known as “The Peach State” of the US; they are also known for their sweet tea, pecans, and more! Aside from their delicious foods, let’s discuss what’s in store for you as a CNA in Georgia. 

Where can I find CNA programs in Georgia?  

CNA classes in Georgia can take up to 3 to 8 weeks. The length of the classes can change depending on your school. The cost of CNA classes in Georgia can vary too. Some schools offer classes for as little as $400, while more expensive classes can cost around $1,000

Picking your school should be easy. Let us help and get you started with finding the right school first! Find trusted schools from Dreambound’s largest database of Georgia State Approved Schools. 

What do I need to prepare and buy for class?

The expected proper attire for CNAs is scrubs and closed-toe shoes. This kind of outfit is ideal for CNAs so they can move with ease. Shoes with rubber soles are also ideal to avoid slipping when doing tasks. 

CNA schools in Georgia usually provide books and equipment during training. This is a common practice among CNA schools. It's also a good choice to have your own equipment though, like a blood pressure cuff, gait belt, and stethoscope. Investing in these tools is fine if you have the budget.

One piece of equipment that is essential to have is a pulse oximeter. It measures the oxygen levels and pulse rates of patients. You can also buy CNA study guides that highlight every step of a CNAs day-to-day tasks. This is a practical investment! The knowledge you can get from these guides can also highlight the tasks of a CNA in another state. 

What are the requirements to be a CNA in Georgia?

CNA requirements in Georgia are straightforward. In this section, you will learn more about the training, background check, and CNA skills taught in Georgia.  

Training program requirements: 

All aspiring CNAs in Georgia should complete 85 hours of training. You can get this completed at private schools, colleges, and even employer facilities. Make sure that your school is state-approved and use Dreambound's database of schools! 

CNA training in Georgia has a theory and clinical part. Every CNA student has one year to pass the CNA exam after finishing their training. 

Background check requirements: 

CNAs in Georgia are not required to submit fingerprints during training or for exams. Background checks are usually required by employers in Georgia before they hire CNAs. 

Skills requirements: 

CNAs in Georgia have intense training to go through. They should complete 16 hours of training in six different areas. Here are the skills you need to know before you can handle a patient with direct contact:

  1. Communication and interpersonal skills (including stress management)
  2. Infection control
  3. Body mechanics, Safety, emergency, and foreign body airway remova
  4. Promoting residents’ independence
  5. Respecting residents’ rights
  6. Legal/ethical behavior and scope of practice 

Other important things to consider when becoming a CNA in Georgia are:

  •  A high school diploma is not required to be a CNA in Georgia! - this makes the profession more accessible to people. It also makes the educational need less strict. 
  • If you already are an LPN or RN and want to be a CNA, you can complete the 16 hours of training for the six specific areas too. After that, passing the state exams is a must too!

How do I register for a CNA exam in Georgia?

According to Credentia, online registration for the CNA exam is the best way. Credentia is a company known at the national level. They provide testing services for the Georgia Nurse Aide Registry. They develop, score, and report the results of the CNA exam. 

Here's a step-by-step process for registration: 

  1. Create an account on Credentia CNA365 system - click the "Sign up" option and fill in the right details. After this, you will receive an email with an “Activate Account” button.
  2. Submit a testing application - select "start a new application" and click the state you will take the CNA exam on. In the next part, there are four sections you need to complete. These are about training program completion, employment information, accommodations, and registrant certification. Once done, submit your responses and wait for approval! 
  3. Schedule and Pay - start by clicking "Register for Exam." Choose which type of exam you will take (written, oral, or skills). Be careful in choosing the time and date for your exam; make sure you can attend it! You will also need to choose between an online or in-person exam

There are 2 options for finding a test center. You can search by radius or by test center code. If you choose to search by radius, make sure your default address is up to date. If you want to search by code, use the test center ID given by your training provider. 

Now you’ve reached the last part! You can make a payment online through a debit or credit card. You can also input a voucher code if you have one. Keep in mind that payments are non-refundable and non-transferable once paid! Here’s a peek at what it looks like when completing the registration live. 

 For fees, here's the most updated cost for every type of exam as of April 2023:

Nurse Aide Examination
Exam Fee
Written Examination Only $35
Oral Examination Only $35
Spanish Examination Only $35
Skills Examination Only $35
Competency Evaluation (Written and Skills) $130
Competency Evaluation(Oral and Skills) $130

How do I prepare for the CNA exam in Georgia?

You are a step closer to getting your license! You got this! The CNA exam in Georgia has 2 parts. These are the written/oral and skills evaluations. Let's focus first on the written/oral exams. 

  • Written exam - has 70 multiple-questions with a 2-hour time to complete. Make sure to put your answers on the answer sheet! Any other markings are not allowed.

  • Oral exam -  has 60 multiple-questions and 10 reading comprehension questions. The questions will come from an MP3 player, so please listen attentively. You will have a 2-hour time frame to complete the test.

To help you further, here is the table of things you need to prepare for your online or in-person exams:

For your Online exam: For your In-Person exams:
Computer and system test. Prepare a laptop or desktop for the actual test taking. Run a system test to avoid any errors. Three No. 2 pencils (sharpened)
Private room or space Eraser
A mobile device or tablet. You will need to install an app on the device called ExamRoom 360 app. This way, the proctor can watch for any form of cheating. Watch with a secondhand
Two valid IDs with signature Two valid IDs with signature

For the Skills Evaluation, prepare to perform 5 skills out of the 23 skills you learned from training. Practice all your skills and master your measurement of the patient inputs and outputs! A helpful tip is to learn how to use a digital and standing scale. You are also not allowed to bring your personal equipment. They will provide every tool that you will need!

Aim to arrive 30 minutes before your exam time. If you are late, you can reschedule your exam. Avoid bringing large bags, food, drinks, or any other unnecessary things. Turn off your phones or other devices while on the test site. Study your past lessons, and keep answering practice tests! 

How do I get my CNA certification in Georgia?

Congratulations on surviving your exams! Check your exam scores by logging into your CNA365 account. The results are viewable after a few hours of finishing the test. You can print or download your scores as proof of passing the exam. 

In case you get a failing score, don't get discouraged! Take it as a challenge, review the parts you failed, and study them again. You may retake the exams three times without re-training. 

The Nurse Aide Registry will now post your name as an active CNA. Expect to get your certification card via mail after a few days. Your active CNA status is valid for two years. Maintain an active status by working at least one 8-hour shift every 24 months. It should also be under the supervision of a licensed nurse! 

Renewal is free! Complete the renewal form and prepare copies of proof of employment. Your current or most recent employer should also sign to make the form complete. Change of name or address is also free of charge. Make sure to inform the registry to avoid complications with your listing status.

Remember these requirements for renewing your license. If you are unable to renew your license, it means having your name removed from the registry. A CNA with a lapsed license under three years must pass the state exams again. If it's three years or more, re-training and passing the state exams is a must. 

What does a CNA do and how do I get a job as a CNA in Georgia? 

CNAs in Georgia can earn up to $13 to $17 an hour. The estimated annual salary of CNAs in Georgia is $26,000 to $40,000 plus! The figures can change depending on your experience and where you work.

CNAs have many tasks throughout the day. It may range from basic nursing skills to personal care skills or mental health needs. CNAs also care for patients with cognitive impairments and restorative needs. 

All that's said, the most important part of the job is having respect. Giving your utmost respect to the resident's rights will have an impact on how they can trust you as their career.  

CNA jobs in Georgia are online and accessible! Search through your favorite online job boards or connect with employers via LinkedIn! Try to visit job boards that only post health-related jobs for a more narrow search. 

Licensed facilities in Georgia also have rules to follow. Most facilities do not perform background checks on CNAs. Personal care homes and nursing homes are the only ones required to do a background check. Even so, CNAs in Georgia still have the liberty to work for an employer that doesn't need a background check. 

What can I do after becoming a CNA in Georgia?

Are you looking to level up your career in the healthcare field? As a CNA, that is a perfect foundation. Looking to improve your nursing skills? Enrolling in a License Practical Nursing course might be for you. 

Are you thinking of focusing on taking care of the older adults? A Geriatric CNA or Geriatric Care Manager might be for you! Focus on developing your communication skills. Enrolling in another training program is a possibility to have this role. Prepare also to research current laws and healthcare trends for older adults.

If you have a passion for education, teaching might be the one! Being a CNA instructor is a fulfilling job. You can start your own CNA school, or you can teach at other schools too. Further training might come in handy if you want to be more effective as an instructor. 

There are a lot more careers waiting for you out there. If you're undecided for now, take your time to discover the career you'd like to pursue. Everything is going to work out, and we will be here cheering for you!

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Alyssa Jane

Alyssa Jane is part of the customer success team at Dreambound. She works with students, training providers, and employers, helping them have a smooth customer journey. She is also an ESL tutor and Licensed Psychometrician. She is fond of traveling, photography, and discovering new restaurants.

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