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7 reasons to find a CNA class through Dreambound

Athena Kan
Oct 12, 2022


Finding the right CNA class is a big decision, and it's not something you want to do alone. That's where we come in! We work with hundreds of quality CNA training programs all over the country, so we know what a good CNA class is like. Our mission is to connect you with the best-fit program for your needs and help you get a job after graduation. Check out these 7 reasons why using Dreambound to find your perfect CNA class will make things easier:


The search tool makes it easy to find a CNA class near you

Google can be helpful for finding CNA classes near you, but a lot of schools don't have websites or are hard to find on the internet. Your state's CNA registry has a full list of schools but many of them have stopped their CNA programs since the registry was published. Plus, you'll have to check each school individually to see what their schedules and classes are.

We heard from many students that it was hard to find a CNA class, so we built a search tool to solve this problem.  With our search tool, you can see all of the CNA classes in your area in one place. All you have to do is enter in your zipcode. From there, you can even sort by distance, filter by how far you are willing to travel, and view all schools on a map.


Compare classes side-by-side

Dreambound makes it easy to compare classes based on price, start date, distance, and more.

When you're looking for a CNA class, there are a lot of things to consider. You want to find the right program that is close by and affordable, has a flexible schedule, and has convenient payment options. Or, many of our students are exclusively looking for classes that are part online.

Unfortunately, this information isn't always easy to find. Many schools don't have websites, much less display this information on their websites. This makes it difficult for students to make important decisions like which school to attend.

Through Dreambound, you have all the information you need to choose a class and can also compare schools directly against each other. You can sort all classes in your area by price, distance, and earliest start date.You can see what classes require a high school diploma or GED vs which don't. You can view the different payment plan terms each school offers.


You can complete all registration steps without going in person

Students registering for CNA classes often have to make several trips to their CNA school before they are able to start class. This can be challenging for those who have to work and take care of any kids. Through Dreambound you can complete your registration at your convenience at any time of day. You can:

  • Enter all of your information. We pass this directly to your school, so they will have this all on file before you come in person.
  • Pay for your CNA class. Paying for your CNA class allows you to reserve a spot in your class early before all of the spots fill up. At the same time, theDreambound Guarantee gives you flexibility if you change your mind. Payment security is also very important to us. You can rest knowing that your payment information is protected.
  • Upload your documents. Dreambound lets you know what documents your school requires to register, so you can get them all before starting school. After you upload them to our secure portal, your school will automatically have them on file.
  • Ask any questions. We’re available most hours of the day so you can get help at anytime during business hours. We strive to respond within 30 min of receiving a question during business hours.

The best part is that Dreambound will never charge extra fees for this convenience or any other aspect of our services; we want our students' experience with us to be stress-free!


We work with great schools

All of our schools' CNA programs are accredited by their state's health department. That way you can rest assured knowing that you aren't going to get scammed by an illegally-operating school. In addition, our partner schools have worked with previous Dreambound students, who have let us know how their experiences with our schools were. We recommend schools in your city based on factors such as graduation, employment, and state exam pass rates.


The Dreambound Guarantee guarantees free refunds and the lowest price

Find the lowest price for your class on Dreambound. Plus, free refunds and changes.

We know it can be a big decision to commit to a CNA class.When you pay for your CNA class through Dreambound, you don't have to worry:

  • Free refunds/changes before class starts. You can change classes, switch schools, or get a full refund through the day before class.
  • Free refunds/changes if class changes. 15% of CNA classes are rescheduled or canceled due to low enrollment. If your school reschedules or cancels this class, you can pick a different class (even from another school) or get a refund. And, you don't have to start all over as we save your information from your application.
  • Lowest price available. You're paying the best price for your CNA class. If you find a lower price, we'll refund you the difference. In fact, we sometimes have discounts that are even better than what is publicly available.


Dreambound can help you find a job after you graduate

Dreambound has worked with thousands of CNA graduates and many employers including Brookdale, the largest nursing home organization in the country. We know what employers are looking for, the interview questions they ask, and what employers in the area are best. We also know local average pay rates, so you know you are getting paid at least market rate.

Find other classes

Dreambound not only helps people find CNA training programs, but we also help people find other allied health training programs. Whether you're considering Phlebotomy, Medical Assistant, or something else entirely, Dreambound can help you choose what next certification to get and find a class that meets your needs.


Finding the right CNA class can be overwhelming but it doesn't have to be. Dreambound works hard to make the process as simple as possible while also making sure you're protected if anything goes wrong.

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Written by
Athena Kan

Athena is Co-founder and CEO of Dreambound.

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