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How to become a CNA in North Carolina?

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Have you ever dreamed of a rewarding career where you get to care for others? If so, becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) in North Carolina might be the perfect path for you! This blog will guide you to the exciting journey of becoming a CNA in NC.

One of the first things you're probably wondering is how much a CNA makes in NC. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, a CNA makes an average of $31,780 annually or $15.28 hourly.

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What are the requirements to become a CNA in NC?

To become a CNA in North Carolina, you can either:

  1. Complete a state-approved training program (at least 75 hours) and pass the state exam.

  2. Get an approved training waiver and pass the state exam. This applies to a couple of scenarios:

  • You completed nursing aide training in another state within the past two years

  • You are a licensed nurse in another state

  • You are either currently enrolled in or have completed a nursing program

  • You are an EMT

  • You are a military veteran who received nursing or medical training

  • You are an active nurse aide in NC but are not qualified for renewal

  1. If you are already a licensed nurse in NC, you can directly apply for listing in the North Carolina Nurse Aide Registry

Where can I find CNA classes in NC?

Dreambound offers a convenient way to find CNA training programs in your area. Enter your zip code, and you can compare various schools simultaneously. You'll also have access to valuable information such as upcoming classes, class schedules, costs, and available payment plan options. Check it out here.

How Do I Register for a CNA Exam? 

Alright, you've completed your training, and now it's time to register for the CNA exam.

It's important to know that Credentia is the state-contracted provider of nurse aide competency testing in NC. They have an online registration system called Credentia365 which makes it super convenient for you to schedule your exam.

Exams are at $140, broken down as follows:

  • Written or Oral Examination‍: Fee: $40

  • Skills Evaluation: Fee: $100

The NC CNA state exam

The CNA state exam in NC has two parts: the written or oral part and the skilled part. The written or oral part is a test with questions about what you've learned during your training. The skilled part is where you show off your hands-on skills as a CNA.

The written or oral part is a test with questions about what you've learned during your training. It will cover the following topics:

  • Physical care skills

  • Psychosocial care skills

  • Role of the nurse aide

The written exam contains 70 multiple-choice questions and takes up to two hours to complete.

You can also take an oral exam in either English or Spanish instead. You will take this in two parts. The first part contains 60 multiple-choice questions. The second part includes ten multiple-choice questions that test how much you know about common words used in long-term care facilities. When registering, request an oral exam, should you need it.

The skills evaluation will look like an actual caregiving situation. You will have all the equipment needed to perform the assigned skills. Before you begin, your evaluator will give you a card with instructions on what skills to perform.

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How do I prepare for my CNA exam?

Making sure you are well-prepared to take your exam is essential. The best part is that you can take your written or oral exam online from the comfort of your home. If taking the test at home, you will need a webcam and good internet, as a live proctor will monitor you through the exam.

Finding a quiet and well-lit spot where you can focus without distractions would be best. You'll also need a computer and mobile phone to take the exam. Also, remember to have your ID ready with you on exam day.

If you're having your exams at a test center, make sure to bring the following:

  • Two forms of proper identification

  • Three no. 2 pencils

  • Eraser

  • Watch with a secondhand

Before heading to your exam, ensure you've studied and practiced beforehand. For more tips and resources, check out our blog post on how to get ready for the CNA exam.

How do I register as a CNA in NC?

Once you pass the exam's written and skills portion (which I'm sure you will!), the state-approved exam provider will submit your name to the North Carolina Nurse Aide Registry for listing. It usually takes two to five days for your name to appear on the registry. Now you're a certified CNA, hooray!

How do I get a job as a CNA? 

Well, you've got plenty of options! You can work in hospitals, nursing homes, or even people's homes. You can check job boards or nursing home websites to find job openings. They often have job listings for CNAs. Take a look at this blog post for more info on where CNAs work.

Dreambound is your go-to for city-specific guides if you're starting in this field. And if you're in another location or considering a change, we've written several others as well.

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