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Think about the bustling auto mechanic shops near you, filled with cars and trucks in need of repair. Ever wondered about the individuals behind those vehicles, putting in the elbow grease to get them back on the road? They're auto mechanics. These skilled individuals specialize in inspecting, maintaining, and repairing cars and light trucks. If you're considering a career as an auto mechanic, trust Dreambound to steer you towards your goal.

On Dreambound, there are 146 auto mechanic programs, and the average class length is 6 months.

If you're curious about how Dreambound assists others in their chosen field, here's what some students have to say:

  • "It’s truly amazing! Life-changing, actually. I’m so grateful to Dreambound for helping me start my career journey. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to further their career path!!! Thank you, Dreambound!" - Candise Williams
  • "I hope anyone who couldn't finish school finds Dreambound. Thank you for everything. I really appreciate it. You've truly made my dream come true." - Alvineisha Lockett
  • "I had a good experience with the Dreambound. They help you through the application process and answer all the questions I asked." - Christy Ferguson

Now, if you're parked and pondering whether you're ready to hit the road on this journey, we suggest releasing the brake and stepping on the gas, embracing this opportunity for growth and success. Keep reading to gather more information and let Dreambound be your road map to becoming the best auto mechanic.

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What Does an Auto Mechanic Do

An auto mechanic, also known as an automotive service technician or service tech, is responsible for inspecting, maintaining, and repairing cars and light trucks. They use computerized diagnostic equipment to identify problems, plan work procedures, and test parts and systems for functionality. Auto mechanics perform basic care and maintenance tasks, repair or replace worn parts, and ensure repairs meet manufacturer and customer specifications. They must be familiar with traditional mechanical and modern electronic systems, as well as vehicles powered by alternative fuels. Auto mechanics use various tools, including computerized diagnostic tools and common hand tools, often investing in their own collections.

Auto Mechanic Salary

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, auto mechanics and service technicians earned a median annual wage of $46,970 in May 2022. Experienced techs at car dealerships or repair shops often receive commissions, known as "flat rate" or "flag rate" earnings, based on the labor costs of the job, in addition to their salary. Some shops pay by the hour instead. Many of these professionals work full-time, with overtime common, particularly on evenings and weekends, all to ensure your vehicle runs smoothly.

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Auto Mechanic Classes by City

In order to help you find auto mechanic class, at Dreambound we've gathered the most comprehensive list of auto mechanic classes in the US. Below you can find a list of auto mechanic classes, organized by city. If you don't see your city listed, you can always search by zipcode.

How to Become an Auto Mechanic

We know taking the first step to becoming an auto mechanic can be scary. That's why we're trying to demystify the process by writing guides on how to become an auto mechanic. Since State process or requirements may vary, we've written separate guides for each state:

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