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In person Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN/LPN) license Classes

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This course will enhance the skills of healthcare providers seeking to practice licensed nursing. Definition of Program: Scott School of Careers Practical Nursing Program is a program that prepares individuals to assist in providing skilled nursing care to a wide array of individuals including the ailing, recovering, mentally and physically afflicted serving various communities and cultural backgrounds under the direction of physicians, registered professional nurses, dentist and podiatrist. Includes instruction in taking patient vital signs, applying sterile dressings, patient health education, practical pharmacodynamics, and assistance with examinations and treatment. Course Objective: Scott School of Careers will train each student in the knowledge and skill of practical nursing.

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Hybrid Certified Nursing Assistant Classes


The Certified Nursing Assistant class offered by Scott School Of Careers - West Campus (SSC - West Campus) in Chicago, IL prepares students for a career as a Certified Nursing Assistant. The program is comprehensive, teaching students nursing theory and practice, as well as providing hands-on clinical practice in a state-of-the-art medical facility. Upon completion of the program, students receive certification to work as a Certified Nursing Assistant in the state of Illinois.

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In person Pharmacy Technician Classes

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Scott School of Careers CPT 004 program is an online combined with in person practicum 120 hours total that prepares individuals, under the supervision of pharmacists, to prepare medications, provide medications and related assistance to patients and manage pharmacy clinical and business operations. It includes instruction in medical and pharmaceutical terminology, principles of pharmacology and pharmaceutics, drug

identification, pharmacy laboratory procedures, prescription interpretation, patient communication and education, safety procedures, record-keeping, measurement and testing techniques, pharmacy business operations, prescription preparation, logistics and dispensing operations, and applicable standards and regulations. Scott School of Careers places emphasis on the 4 key subject areas which includes:


Federal requirements

Patient safety and quality assurance

Order entry and processing

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In person Phlebotomy Classes

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Scott School of Career’s Phlebotomy Course is a two-part formal structured phlebotomy program that will engage students in the basics of phlebotomy, anatomy/physiology of the circulatory system, specimen collection (including venipuncture and skin punctures), specimen processing and handling, infection control, blood borne pathogens, workplace safety, and laboratory operations (e.g. safety, quality control.) Prior knowledge or experience in the area of Phlebotomy is not required. Student will obtain Phlebotomy Technician Certification after completion of 90 hour program. Upon successful completion of the Phlebotomy program, students will be eligible to sit for the National Phlebotomy Certification Exam (NPCE) or The national CPT exam. The ASCP BOC can be offered with additional practicum hours. 

$1,370 total

About school

Scott School of Careers - West Campus is located in Chicago, IL and offers a variety of programs, including Certified Nursing Assistant. The school is led by Director, Ms. Yolanda Johnson, who has over 20 years of experience in the field of healthcare. Scott School of Careers - West Campus is dedicated to providing students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their chosen career.

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