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In person HVAC certification Classes

In person

Bartow County College and Career Academy is distinctively known for its career-focused education, highlighting an impressive and in-depth HVAC certification program. This curriculum strings together hands-on practice with theoretical studies for a solid understanding, equipping students to seamlessly transition into their professional life. This institution distinguishes itself by instilling students with important personal attributes and skills like professional behavior, interview readiness, and more. With high-tech infrastructure and proficient teachers, they ensure students turn into adept in the nuances of HVAC functions. Balancing simplicity with intricate details, their method brings complex concepts to an easily comprehendible level. Their accredited course offers broad job opportunities, reflecting the value of the program.

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In person Certified Nursing Assistant certification Classes

In person

Bartow County College & Career Academy found there was a need for a high-quality Certified Nursing Assistant training program, so they started this class to educate the next generation of healthcare workers. BCCCA is based out of Cartersville, perfect for those located in the greater Atlanta metro area. BCCCA emphasizes hands-on training with its in-person classes.

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About school

Bartow County College & Career Academy is a learning institution located in Atlanta, GA, which provides a variety of educational programs such as Certified Nursing Assistant. It is led by Director Donna M. Hogan, who is committed to helping students reach their academic and career goals. The Academy also offers career services, mentoring, and hands-on training experiences to empower students in the field they choose to pursue.

In the Atlanta area

738 Grassdale Road Northwest, Cartersville, GA 30121