Hire fully-vetted CNAs before they hit the market.

Dreambound finds, vets, and sponsors CNA training for highly motivated candidates in exchange for work commitment at a partner facility. Not a staffing agency.

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How it works


Dreambound sources local talent, vets them for quality and sponsors their training.


Candidates start training at top-rated local schools. Dreambound begins the match-making process.


You interview and hire candidates. Candidate commits to working at your facility for a minimum of 6 months.

Dreambound Candidate Library

Below are is a sample of CNA candidates currently going through our program. If you're interested in hiring them before they hit the job market, please get in touch with us.

"Imagine being able to be a home care worker without having to pay for school or training. That’s the premise of Dreambound, a San Francisco startup that helps low-income people become certified nursing assistants or home health aides and then links them to jobs."
- Diane Eastabrook, McKnights Home Care

Why Dreambound?

Minimum 6 month commitment

A game changer. In exchange for Dreambound's sponsorship, coaching, and job placement support our candidates agree to work at our partners for at-least 6 months .

30 day guarantee

Feeling unsure about new hire commitment to your facility and residents? We've got you covered. Dreambound will replace a candidate at no additional cost if they leave within 30 days.

No minimum requirements

We make it as easy as possible to pilot with us. No mandatory minimums, set up costs, hidden fees, or fees of any kind until a new hire shows up to day 1.

No obligation to hire

Keep your process the exact same while Dreambound does the hard work. If you aren’t excited about our candidates you are never charged a dime!

Dreambound Candidate Stories
“California just gave me a little glimpse that you can be successful and do things without a college degree.”

Dreambound's tuition free training program enabled 20 years old Justyce Urraca to embark on her nursing career journey.

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Frequently asked questions

Is Dreambound a staffing agency?

Dreambound is not a staffing agency. We sponsor training for passionate aspiring Certified Nursing Assistants and Licensed Caregivers candidates and place them at jobs with our partner employers. Our unique approach allows us to reach dedicated job-seekers before they hit the market. This means our partner employers have access to a pipeline of fully-vetted, trained, and certified candidates before anyone else does.

How do you find people? Where do you find them?

Dreambound has built a world class team specializing in marketing and partnerships. We drive search engine, social media, and content marketing along with other online and in-person strategies to attract prospective students and vocational training partners to our platform.

How do you vet your candidates?

Dreambound Agreement candidates go through a rigorous vetting process. Since we sponsor the candidate’s tuition, we work hard to ensure that they are successful. Each sponsored candidate has gone through an online application, resume, and document review (SSN, HS diploma, vaccinations), background check, video interview, and completed their vocational training program.

How much does it cost?

We charge 10-15% of the candidate’s first year salary - squarely in line with the going industry rate for adjacent recruiting services (often without the protections). The exact rate depends upon the size of the partnership, geography (metro) and starting salary in the region. 

Are there any up front costs or fees? Mandatory minimums?

None. No fees. No minimums. You only pay when a fully-vetted, certified (if applicable) employee shows up on day 1.

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