FAQs for Employers

Is Dreambound a staffing agency?

Dreambound is not a staffing agency. We sponsor training for passionate aspiring Certified Nursing Assistants and Licensed Caregivers candidates and place them at jobs with our partner employers. Our unique approach allows us to reach dedicated job-seekers before they hit the market. This means our partner employers have access to a pipeline of fully-vetted, trained, and certified candidates before anyone else does.

I noticed you’re not in my location. How long will it take you to get here?

We follow our employers’ needs to various major metros. If you request a new metro area for us to enter, depending upon a few factors, it takes about 30 days to enter and send our first set of candidates to begin training.

How do you find people? Where do you find them?

Dreambound has built a world class team specializing in marketing and partnerships. We drive search engine, social media, and content marketing along with other online and in-person strategies to attract prospective students and vocational training partners to our platform.

How do you vet your candidates?

Dreambound Agreement candidates go through a rigorous vetting process. Since we sponsor the candidate’s tuition, we work hard to ensure that they are successful. Each sponsored candidate has gone through an online application, resume, and document review (SSN, HS diploma, vaccinations), background check, video interview, and completed their vocational training program.

What requirements do you have for people that you select?

We have three hard requirements: Education (HS diploma/GED or equivalent), Age ( >18 y/o), Documentation (state issued ID, Social Security card). In addition, we look for candidates who are reliable, compassionate, and who have a strong understanding of the role (we have many candidates who have been professional caregivers for years).

What about our special requirements? (drug test, BG check, vaccinations)

We try to do our best to meet our employers where they are at. If you have an additional requirement in addition to our existing vetting process, we will only send to your facility candidates who qualify.

When can I select candidates (what stage of the journey)?

Anytime after the start of the program. We begin sending profiles of candidates to partnered employers as early as the first week of training. Employers choose when they would like to extend job offers (many choose to extend offers during training). 

Who chooses who works at our facility? You or us?

You do. You have full control over whom you select. Candidates complete your existing process and you aren’t invoiced until the candidate shows up for the first day of work.

How much does it cost?

We charge 10-15% of the candidate’s first year salary - squarely in line with the going industry rate for adjacent recruiting services (often without the protections). The exact rate depends upon the size of the partnership, geography (metro) and starting salary in the region. 

Can we be your exclusive employer in the area?

Unfortunately, we do not offer exclusivity to employers because we support and strive to continuously offer our candidates more choice in their employment journey. However, we are confident that we will meet your hiring needs for CNAs and Licensed Caregivers.

How do we get preferred over other employers?

In metros in which we have multiple employer partners, you will stand out to our candidates just by offering competitive rates, benefits, and a great work environment.

Are there any up front costs or fees? Mandatory minimums?

None. No fees. No minimums. You only pay when a fully-vetted, certified (if applicable) employee shows up on day 1.

What happens if a candidate leaves before 6 months?

If a candidate leaves in the first month, we replace them at no additional charge to you. If the candidate leaves before 6 months, they are liable for damages payable to you. The amount of damages they owe is equal to the placement fee you paid for that candidate.

How long does it take you to replace candidates?

Given our impact model we continuously have new candidates who are starting their careers providing for a fast replacement turnaround time.

What licenses do you support?

At the moment we support Certified Nursing Assistants and Licensed Caregivers. Have a different license requirement? Send us an email at [email protected]

What other programs do you offer?

In select markets, we also offer our Up-skilling and CNA leads programs. If you're interested in these programs, please email us at [email protected]