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A bright future lies ahead for aspiring Medical Assistants! With the growing demand for them, the job outlook for Medical Assistants is incredibly promising. Their skills, role in patient care, and adaptability make them an essential asset in the dynamic healthcare industry.

With Medical Assistant’s (MA) broad skillset, their career will continue to thrive in the industry. They have a growing demand much faster than other jobs. Aside from that, MA also ranked #11 in Best Healthcare Support Jobs–what a perfect time to be one, right? To know more about this profession’s outlook, keep on reading.

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Job market overview of MAs

Experts expect employment for MAs to grow by 14% from 2022 to 2032. This is much faster than the average for all occupations. Over the next decade, approximately 114,600 job openings for MAs are seen each year. This demand is driven by the need to replace workers who change careers or retire. It's an excellent time to become an MA!

MAs can enjoy a competitive salary, as their valuable skills reflect their importance in the industry. As of May 2023, their mean annual wage is $42,000 ($20.19 / hr). MAs with prior experience, certifications, and specialties have higher salaries. Check the list below for the top-paying states for MAs.

  • Washington:‍

    • Average Hourly Wage: $25.86

    • Average Annual Salary: $53,780

  • Alaska:

    • Average Hourly Wage: $25.25

    • Average Annual Salary: $52,530

  • California:

    • Average Hourly Wage: $24.47

    • Average Annual Salary: $50,900

  • Massachusetts:

    • Average Hourly Wage: $23.35

    • Average Annual Salary: $48,570

Why now is the best time to be an MA

Now is the best time to be an MA, as the healthcare industry is experiencing significant growth. You wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity of having autonomy in the industry. You’ll have the chance to make a difference in patient care while being part of an evolving field. There are plenty of pros in pursuing this career, and this is why:

  • Growing Demand. With an aging population and advancements, the need for MAs is higher than ever. This demand ensures a steady stream of job opportunities and long-term career prospects.

  • Job Security. Regardless of economic fluctuations, the need for MAs remains constant. This ensures their stability in the job market.

  • Versatility. MAs can work in various healthcare settings (hospitals, clinics, outpatient centers, and specialty practices). This versatility allows them to explore different areas to pursue their interests within the field.

  • Rapid Training Programs. Many programs offer accelerated options, allowing you to complete your training in a short period. This means you can enter the workforce sooner as an MA without spending years in education.

  • Career Advancement. With experience and further education, you can progress to higher roles (nursing, healthcare administration, or specialized medical assisting roles). This provides opportunities for growth and professional development.

  • Competitive Salary and Benefits. As the demand for MAs increases, so does the compensation. This ensures that you are fairly compensated for your valuable contributions.

What comes after getting certified?

Obtaining additional certifications can enhance your career prospects and open up new opportunities. While a basic certification provides a strong foundation already, specializations can demonstrate your expertise in specific areas. These additional credentials can boost your resume and increase your marketability. These are some paths you can pursue after getting certified:

A. Healthcare Management - Most MAs choose to advance their education with a bachelor's from various healthcare management jobs. The need for healthcare managers projects a 28% employment growth between 2021 and 2031. According to BLS, The average salary for them is a whopping $119,840 per year ($57.61/ hr). These Healthcare management job titles include:

  • Physician Practice Manager

  • Health Care Administrator

  • Patient Finance Manager

  • Health Insurance Manager

  • Managed Care Representative

  • Healthcare Department Manager

B. Health Information Management (HIM) - MAs who possess administrative experience can expand their career options by pursuing a bachelor's degree in HIM. This degree equips them with the necessary technical skills to pursue roles as health information technicians or clinical data specialists. It can also open doors to leadership positions. This includes HIM Project Manager/Director–who oversees healthcare information systems and operations.

C. Health Sciences - You can also advance your allied health career to the next level by earning a bachelor’s degree in health science. MAs may build upon their current education faster and better for the next level of managerial roles. Some of the jobs you can pursue with a health science bachelor's are:

  • Community Health Worker

  • Health Science Writer

  • Biostatistician

  • Pharmacy Sales Representative

  • Dietician, and many more

‍D. Nursing - MAs can advance to RN by earning an associate/ bachelor’s in nursing, then passing the NCLEX-RN. MAs can also earn credit for previous coursework and professional experience, accelerating this transition easier. The nationwide demand for nurses is another advancement opportunity for MAs.

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Final Thoughts 

The job outlook for MAs is undeniably promising. With a projected growth rate well above the average, the demand continues to rise. The abundance of job openings secures an ample stream of opportunities in the field. By joining this dynamic profession, you make a positive impact on patient's lives and contribute to the evolving field of medicine.

Pia Yapjoco
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Pia Yapjoco

Pia Yapjoco is part of the school growth and sales team at Dreambound. She helps facilitate school partnerships that expand educational opportunities for aspiring students in allied health and other trades. Beyond work, she curates her pup's Instagram, hunts for hidden coffee gems, and escapes into cozy gaming.

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