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Did you know that tooth decay is the most common chronic disease in children in the U.S.? And did you know that teeth are the only part of the human body that can't repair itself? That's why dental assistants are highly needed. They work closely with dentists and dental hygienists, helping during dental procedures, sterilizing instruments, taking dental X-rays, and scheduling appointments. If you're interested in becoming a Dental Assistant, remember that Dreambound is here to support you in achieving your goal.

On Dreambound, there are 228 dental assistant programs, 37 upcoming classes, and the average class length is 3 months.

Here's what some students have to say about Dreambound, so you can get a better idea of how effective it is at helping people reach their dreams:

  • "Dreambound was very easy to figure out, unlike most websites, and I'm so amazed that I didn't receive a bunch of unwanted calls and questions." - Chelsey Morris
  • "My experience using the Dreambound platform was great. I really liked how they have different classes you can choose from. I have been praying and wanting to go back to school, but I just did not know where to start. Then I came across Dreambound, and it had everything that I needed. So, I know that this is a sign for me to start my career and to get back to what I used to love." - Shanika Inman
  • "Dreambound has taken me step by step as they promised and then promptly followed up at a convenient time." - Trisha Weed

If you're ready to address tooth decay head-on and contribute to relieving stress through people's smiles (yes, smiling can relieve stress by releasing endorphins) and boosting their immune system (because dopamine released by smiling can activate the immune system), keep reading for more details and let Dreambound guide you to the perfect dental assistant class for you!

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📖 Learn more about the Dental Assistant certification

How to Become a Dental Assistant?

The requirements to become a dental assistant can vary by state. Typically, you'll need a high school diploma or equivalent, completion of a dental assistant program, and successful passing of a certification exam, such as the Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) exam administered by the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB).

How Long Does It Take to Become a Dental Assistant?

The time it takes to become a dental assistant can vary depending on the training program selected. Most dental assistant training programs can be finished in less than a year (9 to 12 months). However, it's important to know that becoming certified as a dental assistant usually requires extra steps after finishing the program. These steps might include passing a certification test and getting a state license. Therefore, the total time required to become a certified dental assistant can be around 1-2 years, depending on the duration of the training program and the time needed to complete the certification process.

What Classes Are Required to become a Dental Assistant?

Dental assistant classes cover anatomy, dental procedures, infection control, and patient care. You'll learn about teeth, assist with treatments, ensure cleanliness, and communicate effectively with patients, blending technical skills with empathy.

Can I Take Dental Assistant Classes Online?

Yes, you can pursue dental assistant training through online courses. Many accredited programs offer flexible online options, allowing you to study at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home. This can be a convenient choice for those balancing work, family, or other commitments alongside their education. Check out Online Licensed Dental Assistant classes for more information.

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How Much Does a Dental Assistant Make?

As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), dental assistants had a median annual wage of $44,820 in 2022, equating to an hourly rate of $21.55. It's important to note that the average salary of dental assistants can vary based on factors like location, experience, and industry.

Dental Assistant Classes by City

In order to help you find dental assistant class, at Dreambound we've gathered the most comprehensive list of dental assistant classes in the US. Below, you can find a list of dental assistant classes, organized by city. If you don't see your city listed, you can always search by zipcode.

How to Become a Dental Assistant

We know taking the first step to becoming a dental assistant can be scary. That's why we're trying to demystify the process by writing guides on how to become a dental assistant. Since State process or requirements may vary, we've written separate guides for each state:

Exploration of Dental Assistant Versus Other Programs

Considering other programs? Read our guides on Dental Assistant versus other similar programs in field, providing a comprehensive overview to assist you in making the right choice for your career path.

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