CPR and BLS classes near me in Indianapolis

In the Indianapolis metro area, the average cost of a CPR and BLS class is $74, and the average class length is approximately one week long.


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Fully online Phlebotomy class

  • Fully online, at your own schedule 24/7
  • In-person externship matching done after class

$116 to start

$2,000 total


Peloton College

Medical Billing and Coding - Evening (740 hours)

  • Can be completed in as little as 9 months or 36 weeks.
  • Eligible for CEHRS or CBCS certifications.

Financial aid (may be available)


Penn Foster

Medical Billing & Coding

  • Online, affordable, accredited, self-paced
  • Cost of specialist exam included

Start for as low as $59/month


Miller-Motte College - Online

Medical Billing & Coding - Certificate

  • 15-month program, 5-week classes.
  • Healthcare & insurance focus.

Financial aid (may be available)

Programs not available on Dreambound


Indys Health Care Training Center Llc

In person CPR / Basic Life Support certification Classes

In person·0 mi away

The CPR / Basic Life Support certified student class offered by Indys Health Care Training Center Llc (IHCTCLLC), located in Indianapolis, IN, is a comprehensive and engaging course that provides students with the necessary knowledge and skills to become certified in Basic Life Support. The course is taught by experienced instructors using an evidence-based approach and includes hands-on practice with manikins and other equipment. Upon successful completion, students will be able to recognize life-threatening emergencies and

$75 total


Cabrillo College Online

Online CPR / Basic Life Support certification Classes


Anyone can take the online BLS-HCP course followed by a manikin skills test at Cabrillo College. Come prepared to demonstrate skills. Thirty minutes of practice time with skill sheets and manikins is provided prior to testing.

No cost info


Three Rivers Community College

Online CPR / Basic Life Support certification Classes


Basic Life support (BLS) is the foundation for saving lives after cardiac arrest and is a crucial skill set for healthcare professionals, including nurses, doctors, and emergency medical technicians. This four-hour course teaches both single-rescuer and team basic support skills for application in both prehospital and in-facility environments, focusing on high-quality CPR and team dynamics. Upon completion of this four-hour certification course, you will receive your Healthcare Provider certification e-card, valid for two years, by email within 20 days. This certification is a national certification.

No cost info


Suffolk County Community College

In-person American Heart Association Basic Life Support Renewal


Suffolk County Community College takes pride in its dynamic vocational school that focuses on healthcare certification programs. The college invites interested individuals to join its CPR / Basic Life Support certification program, which offers a unique combination of theory and hands-on training. Students are thoroughly equipped with lifesaving techniques, including two-person CPR and the use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). The program is comprehensive and flexible, accommodating the diverse needs of students. The faculty, with their extensive expertise and commitment, ensures integrated learning through practical experiences. The program provides robust lab facilities that simulate real-world situations, allowing students to practice and perfect their skills. The college maintains high standards in delivering these critical skills, with the ultimate goal of saving lives. The CPR / Basic Life Support certification program at Suffolk County Community College offers potentially life-altering skills, preparing students to be competent healthcare professionals. The college truly embodies the saying that knowledge is power, as it empowers students to save lives, which is commendable.

$79 total


Ready To Care

In person CPR / Basic Life Support certification Classes

In person·6 mi away

With CodeBlue Training you can grasp lifesaving skills of CPR and Basic Life Support easily. Get certification to be a hero in an emergency. Our interactive digital courses are detailed, well-structured, and designed in a manner that simplifies complex concepts. You'll attain confidence to face any challenging situation that requires immediate medical attention, supporting the preservation of precious lives. Engaging content and relevant materials give you an edge. At CodeBlue Training, we aim to foster the most effective health-related learning experience by keeping the training program practical and comprehensible, making our students proficient in important lifesaving tactics. Be prepared to bring a change with CodeBlue Training.

No cost info


Mays Medical Academy

Hybrid CPR / Basic Life Support certification Classes

Hybrid·6 mi away

Mays Medical Academy, a respected health-focused school, excels in their CPR / Basic Life Support certificate scheme. This course provides premier training, instilling vital tactics for emergency conditions. Esteemed health experts guide learners, deeply exploring both hands-on and theoretical aspects. By grasping these tactics, students show skillfulness & preparedness for unforeseen life events. Notably, this school shapes the career trajectory in the health sector, supported by its globally acknowledged certification. Educational flexibility enhances advanced learning, solidifying it as a trustworthy option. The depth and complexity of its syllabus ensure a thorough learning journey.

$55 total


Faith Healthcare Training Center

In person CPR / Basic Life Support certification Classes

In person·7 mi away

The CPR/Basic Life Support certification program at Faith Healthcare Training Center is designed to provide individuals with the skills, knowledge and confidence required to respond to medical emergencies. The program covers a range of topics, including cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), automated external defibrillator (AED) usage, and basic life support techniques. Participants will receive hands-on training and instruction from certified professionals, and upon completion, will receive a certification card valid for two years.

$85 total


Enchanted Hearts Training Institute

Hybrid CPR / Basic Life Support certification Classes

Hybrid·7 mi away

Enchanted Hearts Training Institute offers a comprehensive CPR/Basic Life Support certification program that covers all the essential skills necessary to respond to cardiac emergencies. The program is taught by experienced instructors who provide hands-on instruction in a supportive learning environment. Graduates of the program leave with the confidence and skills to respond to emergencies and potentially save lives in their communities.

$75 total


S&K Prevention

CPR and AED Training Certification


Heart saver CPR AED Online is a self-directed course that uses interactive lessons and videos to teach you CPR, AED and choking knowledge. This program is for anyone with limited or no medical training who needs an AHA course completion card. You will learn:

Adult CPR and AED use

Adult choking

Child CPR and AED use (optional)

Infant CPR (optional)

Child choking (optional)

Infant choking (optional)

$125 total


Emergency Medical Training Professionals

Online CPR / Basic Life Support certification Classes


Emergency Medical Training Professionals, a notable trade school, offers a unique CPR / Basic Life Support certification course. The primary emphasis is directed towards teaching learners essential emergency medical skills. The detailed course plan thoroughly encompasses elementary to sophisticated medical procedures. Top-notch educators ensure outstanding educational encounters. The institution equips itself with cutting-edge technology, facilitating realistic, practical sequence enactments. This intensive course indeed preps students suitably for quick, efficient actions in urgent situations.

No cost info

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CPR and BLS Classes Near Me in Indianapolis


The importance of knowing how to administer Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Basic Life Support (BLS) cannot be overstated. With these skills, you can potentially save a life during a medical emergency. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know about finding CPR and BLS classes near you in Indianapolis. Through this post, you'll discover how to choose the right classes, what to expect, and the benefits of acquiring these essential life skills.

CPR / Basic Life Support certification

What is CPR and BLS?

CPR stands for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, a life-saving technique used during medical emergencies such as heart attacks or near drownings when a person's breathing or heartbeat has stopped. On the other hand, BLS, or Basic Life Support, is a broader term that includes CPR as one of its main components. BLS training also includes additional skills such as using an automated external defibrillator (AED) and clearing airway obstructions.

Training Requirements

Before enrolling in a CPR or BLS class, it's crucial to understand the training requirements:

  • Physical Fitness: CPR and BLS training can be physically demanding, hence basic physical fitness is recommended.

  • Age Requirement: Most organizations require participants to be at least 14 years old to take CPR and BLS classes.

  • Course Duration: Typically, courses range from a few hours to a full day.

What to Look for in a Class

When choosing a CPR and BLS class in Indianapolis, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Certification: Ensure the class offers certification from a recognized organization such as the American Heart Association or the National Safety Council.

  • Instructors: The quality of the course largely depends on the instructors. They should be experienced and knowledgeable in the field.

  • Hands-on Training: The class should provide ample opportunities for hands-on practice.

What to Expect from the Day-to-Day Class

CPR and BLS classes typically involve a mix of theory and hands-on practice. You might start with learning the theory behind CPR and BLS, followed by demonstrations from the instructor. You'll then practice the techniques on a mannequin, under the supervision of the instructor.

The Certification Process

After you've completed the CPR and BLS training, you'll need to pass a written exam and a hands-on skills test to receive certification. The certification is usually valid for two years, after which you'll need to take a recertification course.

How to Find Related Jobs

Being certified in CPR and BLS can open up numerous job opportunities in the healthcare field, from being a paramedic or EMT to working as a healthcare provider. Websites like Dreambound are great resources for finding related job opportunities. They provide a platform for students to find vocational training programs, such as allied health or industrial trades.

What Other Classes Can Someone Take After Becoming CPR and BLS Certified?

After acquiring CPR and BLS certification, you might want to consider advancing your skills with additional training. Here are some options:

  • Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS): This course is designed for healthcare professionals who direct or participate in the management of cardiopulmonary arrest or other cardiovascular emergencies.

  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS): This is a classroom, video-based, Instructor-led course that uses a series of simulated pediatric emergencies to reinforce the important concepts of a systematic approach to pediatric assessment, basic life support, PALS treatment algorithms, effective resuscitation and team dynamics.

Additional Training Courses

In addition to the above, there are several other training courses that you might find beneficial:

  • First Aid Training: This course teaches students how to respond to common first aid emergencies, including burns, cuts, head, neck and back injuries and more.

  • Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Training: This course teaches how to use an AED device—a crucial tool in many cardiac emergencies.

Opportunities in Healthcare

CPR and BLS training can be a stepping stone to a rewarding career in healthcare. After completing your training, you may decide to further your education and become a full-fledged healthcare professional. For example, you could consider becoming a respiratory therapist, a radiology technician or even a certified medication aide. All of these careers would benefit from the skills you learn in CPR and BLS training.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a healthcare professional, a parent, or simply a concerned citizen, knowing how to perform CPR and BLS can make a significant difference in an emergency situation. By enrolling in a CPR and BLS class in Indianapolis, you are taking an important step towards becoming prepared to help in a time of need. These certifications not only boost your resume but also equip you with the knowledge and skills to potentially save a life.

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