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We believe data science is not just a collection of techniques; it is foremost motivated by real-world problems. The data scientist of the 21st century must be able to identify relevant problems, provide sensible analyses, and ultimately communicate their findings in meaningful ways. By the end of the Wharton Data Science Academy, students will not only be equipped with essential data science techniques such as data visualization and data wrangling but will also be exposed to modern machine learning methodologies, which are all building blocks for today’s AI field. Along the way, students will develop a working proficiency with the R language, which is among the most widely used by professional data scientists in both academia and industry.

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In the distinguished Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, academic excellence and the pursuit of knowledge are held in high esteem. This is due not only to a revered history of educational achievements but also to its repertoire of world-leading programs and dedicated instructors. Its revered faculty, impressive curriculum, and a selection of its students, who are destined to become the leaders of tomorrow, adds to its brilliance. The school’s unique way of delivering education, combined with the tireless dedication of its staff and students, guarantees the provision of a deeply enriching learning environment. The efficient administrative faculty also ensure smooth running, aiding the school in maintaining the renowned reputation it boasts globally. Moreover, the meaningful experiences it offers, along with its emphasis on encompassing real-life scenarios in teaching, prepare students for success in the real business world. All these qualities make it an exemplary premier educational institution.

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