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Vocational Nursing Diploma

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The certification course in dental assistance offered at the College of Marin - Indian Valley provides a comprehensive understanding of the dental field. This training program is devised meticulously to impart not just theoretical knowledge but also practical skills for becoming a proficient dental assistant. The combination of both theory and practice in the curriculum provides a robust foundation for future professionals in the field. Furthermore, the program accentuates the value of ethics and professional behavior, guiding students to hold high standards in their respective dental careers. Completion of the program provides eligibility for the state certification examination, initiating the pathway towards becoming a certified dental assistant.

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Medical Assisting Diploma

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Unitek College-South San Francisco is renowned for its Licensed Vocational Nurse programs which equip students with the vital skills to excel in their healthcare careers. Its convenient location and modern facilities cater to the needs of today's students, providing an ideal environment for practical and theoretical learning. These programs, tailored to meet the increasing healthcare demands, offer comprehensive coursework enabling individuals to make significant contributions to the healthcare field. Successful graduates are duly prepared for the LVN/LPN license tests - a critical stepping stone to their flourishing career. In such a supportive and stimulating environment, students undoubtedly tap into their potential, setting a solid foundation for their bright future in the healthcare landscape.

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About school

Unitek College in South San Francisco is a respected school that is leading the way in teaching for healthcare jobs. Their focus is on teaching students for healthcare certificates that are currently in high demand, which helps students start strong careers. The school is known for its complete program that combines theory-based knowledge and real-life work experience. Teachers at the college, who have worked in the industry, share helpful advice and guide students through different classes like nursing, medical assisting, sterile processing, and IT. They use a high-tech simulation center to give students practical training that is similar to situations they might face in real life, which helps them meet industry rules. Unitek College is also committed to helping students move up in their careers. The Career Services department helps students find jobs by providing guidance, resources for job placement, setting up internships, helping with resumes, and practicing for job interviews. The school also provides a secure, clean, and tech-based environment that helps with concentrated studies. Thanks to its dedication to top-level education and preparing students for their careers, Unitek College in South San Francisco is consistent in turning out skilled, assured professionals who are ready to do well in the competitive healthcare industry.

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