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EKG Technician


Unveil the World of EKG Technicians

Are you ready to step into the world of healthcare and play a crucial role in identifying heart-related issues? Becoming an Electrocardiograph (EKG) Technician might be your calling. EKG technicians perform diagnostic tests that provide invaluable insights for doctors in pinpointing cardiovascular problems.

EKG Technicians are the heartbeat of the healthcare system. They conduct tests that can detect irregularities in the heart, potentially preventing heart attacks and heart disease. In other words, they're the heroes who help safeguard your heart's health!

Ready to take the leap? Enroll now and start your adventure as an EKG Technician!

$950 total


In person

Discover the World of Phlebotomy

Are you curious about the life of a Phlebotomist? Wondering what it takes to become one? Our Phlebotomy Training Program at TSC Career Institute can help you kickstart your career in the world of healthcare.

What is a Phlebotomist?

Phlebotomists are the unsung heroes of the medical world. They are the experts in drawing and handling blood for various crucial purposes, from medical tests to life-saving transfusions. Whether it's venipuncture, finger pricks, or those tiny heel pricks for infants, Phlebotomists are the ones who get it done.

Dive into the Phlebotomist's World

So, what exactly do Phlebotomists do on a day-to-day basis? Well, here's a sneak peek into their world:

  • Patient Preparation: They make sure patients are comfortable and ready for the blood-drawing process.
  • Patient Verification: Ensuring that everything is correctly labeled and matching up with the right patient.
  • Patient Comfort: Explaining the procedure to nervous patients and guiding them through it with a reassuring smile.
  • The Nitty-Gritty: They're the ones conducting blood draws and transfusions.
  • When Things Go South: Helping patients who might experience adverse reactions after the process.
  • The Doctor's Orders: Always following the guidance of supervising physicians.
  • Sample Sleuths: Identifying, labeling, and keeping track of blood samples.

Attend a Seminar

TSC Career Institute offers a 3-day seminar in Phlebotomy for only $400. Call us today to enroll.

If you're ready to embark on a journey in the world of healthcare and make a difference, our Phlebotomy Training Program is the perfect starting point. Enroll now and let's get you on the path to becoming a Phlebotomist!

$350 to start

$1,000 total

Medication Aide

In person

Unleash Your Potential as a Medication Aide

Are you ready to take your first step into the world of healthcare and play a crucial role in patient well-being? Becoming a Medication Aide is your ticket to making a positive impact on patients' lives.

Meet the Medication Aide

Medication Aides are the unsung heroes of healthcare, ensuring that patients receive their daily medications, be it prescription or over-the-counter. They're the coordinators between patients and nurses, making sure medication is administered accurately and on time.

Attend a Seminar

TSC Career Institute offers a 7-hour seminar in Medication Aide for only $100. Call us today to enroll.

Ready to make a difference? Enroll now and begin your fulfilling career as a Medication Aide!

$1,075 total

Medical Billing & Coding


Become a Pro in Medical Billing & Coding

Are you ready to dive into the world of healthcare and be a vital part of the financial backbone? Getting certified in Medical Billing & Coding is your ticket to unlocking a rewarding and essential role in the industry.

Decoding the World of Medical Billing & Coding

Medical Billing & Coding is like the secret language of healthcare finance. It's the process of taking all the vital information from clinical records, like diagnoses, tests, treatments, and procedures, and converting it into universal codes. These codes are the key to ensuring that government and private payers reimburse physicians accurately.

Ready to become a pro in the world of healthcare finance? Enroll now and let's get you certified in Medical Billing & Coding!

$950 total


In person

Learn the Power of CPR

Curious about what CPR is all about? We've got the scoop on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, or as we like to call it, CPR - your ultimate life saving technique in emergencies.

What's the Deal with CPR?

CPR, short for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. It's the emergency procedure that can literally double or even triple someone's chances of making it after a cardiac arrest. That's why it's a skill worth having in your back pocket!

Why CPR Matters

CPR isn't just another acronym; it's the game-changer in emergencies. By keeping the blood flowing, even partially, you buy precious time for the cavalry of trained medical staff to arrive. In essence, CPR is your way of being a hero before the heroes arrive!

Mastering the CPR Moves

Now, here's the lowdown on how to perform CPR:

  • Conventional CPR: This one's for the healthcare pros and those in the know. It involves chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth breathing, with a ratio of 30 compressions to 2 breaths. It's all about rhythm and depth - 100 to 120 compressions per minute and at least 2 inches deep. Just the right recipe for saving lives!

  • Hands-Only CPR: For the everyday heroes and bystanders, this is your go-to. Hands-Only CPR is all about chest compressions - no mouth-to-mouth needed. If you witness someone suddenly collapsing, just remember to press hard and fast on their chest. It's a lifesaver, even if you're not a medical pro!

Decoding Cardiac Arrest and Heart Attacks

  • Cardiac Arrest: When the heart decides to go rogue and stops beating out of the blue, that's what we call cardiac arrest. It's an "ELECTRICAL" glitch, and that's where CPR shines.

  • Heart Attack: Now, if it's all about blocked blood flow to the heart, we're talking about a heart attack. It's a "CIRCULATION" hiccup, and it's a different ballgame.

Ready to become a CPR hero? Enroll now and let's get you equipped with the knowledge and skills to save lives!

$75 total

Certified Nursing Assistant


Unveil the World of Nursing Assistants

Are you ready to embark on a rewarding journey into the healthcare world? At TSC Career Institute, we're here to introduce you to the role of a Nursing Assistant, and we're excited to be your stepping stone toward this fulfilling career.

Who is a Nursing Assistant?

In the world of healthcare, Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) are the unsung heroes. They play a crucial role in delivering essential nursing care to patients, residents, and clients. Think of them as the compassionate and skilled individuals who make a real difference in people's lives.

The Backbone of Direct Care

In hospitals, healthcare centers, and skilled nursing facilities, CNAs are the cornerstone of the direct care staff. They go by various names, such as nurses' aides and patient care assistants, but their mission remains the same: to provide hands-on, compassionate care.

At TSC Career Institute, we offer state-approved CNA training that equips you with the skills and knowledge needed to kickstart your career as a nurse aide in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The best part? You can achieve this in just 3 weeks!

Ready to make a difference in the healthcare field? Enroll in our Nursing Assistant Training Program now, and let's begin your journey together!

$1,050 total

Patient Care Technician


Your Gateway to Patient Care

Are you ready to dive into the world of healthcare and make a difference in the lives of patients? Becoming a Patient Care Technician (PCT) might be your calling. These unsung heroes provide crucial daily care under the watchful eye of registered nurses, making a world of difference in patients' lives.

What's the PCT All About?

Patient Care Technicians are the backstage heroes of the medical industry. They're the ones who ensure that patients receive the best care by handling the technical aspects. From taking vital signs to assisting with patient mobility in clinics, they've got it covered.

Ready to take the plunge? Enroll now and start your adventure as a Patient Care Technician!

$950 total

Medication Aide Seminar

In person

TSC Career Institute offers a 7-hour seminar in Medication Aide. Call us today to enroll.

$100 total

Medical Assistant Seminar

In person

Attend a Seminar

TSC Career Institute offers a 2-week seminar in Medical Assistant. Call us today to enroll.

$950 total

Medical Assistant


Getting to Know Medical Assistants

Ever wondered about those unsung heroes in the world of healthcare? Meet the Medical Assistant, also known as the clinical assistant or healthcare assistant in the USA. They're the ultimate wingman for physicians, nurse practitioners, and other healthcare professionals, and they work their magic right in the clinic!

What's a Medical Assistant All About?

In a nutshell, Medical Assistants are the backbone of the healthcare team, making sure everything runs smoothly in a clinic setting. They're like the wizard behind the curtain, supporting physicians and other healthcare pros in various ways.

Attend a Seminar

TSC Career Institute offers a 2-week seminar in Medical Assistant for only $950. Call us today to enroll.

Ready to dive into the healthcare world? TSC Career Institute can help you become a part of this vital profession. Enroll now and let's get you started on your journey to becoming a Medical Assistant!

$3,000 total

Phlebotomy Seminar

In person

Attend a Seminar

TSC Career Institute offers a 3-day seminar in Phlebotomy. Call us today to enroll.

$400 total

About school

The TSC Career Institute holds a certification from the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) that permits the operation of a vocational school in Texas. The school is identified by the TWC as School Number S5598 and is authorized by the Texas Department of Health and Human Services to offer a Nurse Aide Training and Competency Evaluation Program (NATCEP).

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