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UX/UI Part-Time


Set your schedule in this flexible, six-month UX/UI online course. You’ll graduate with user experience research, user interaction, usability skills and more. Enjoy a full support team of academic success managers, career coaches, and your own one-on-one mentor.

$2,600 to start

$12,350 total

Data Analytics Part-Time


Jumpstart your career in data with a structured, full-time, four-month data analytics curriculum. Learn the required skills for the field like Excel, SQL, and Tableau. You’ll work with a team of experienced professionals committed to your career success, including a personal mentor, career coach, and academic success manager. Learn what it takes to analyze data, a skill needed in every industry in the world’s next workforce.

$1,717 to start

$8,240 total

Digital Marketing Part-Time


A new career in branding, social media and paid marketing awaits with this flexible three-month course. Career coaches, personal mentors, and academic support are resources ready to help you land a thriving new digital marketing career path.

$2,253 to start

$5,341 total

Technical Project Management Part-Time


A flexible, five-month course that teaches you the required skills to exceed in managing technical projects. Graduate equipped with project management and strategic IT systems management skills all while having complete academic and career support along the way.

$1,680 to start

$6,825 total

Software Engineering Part-Time


A flexible online program built to get you a career in full-stack software engineering. Get skilled in full-stack programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, React, and more. You’ll have a team of experienced industry professionals on hand with your own personal mentor, academic success manager, and career coaches.

$2,100 to start

$9,975 total

Data Science Flex


Data Science Flex is a comprehensive program that trains aspiring data scientists in the core skills of data science in order to start a new career in this field. Students are trained in all of the core competencies of a modern, entry-level data scientist. Additionally, this program teaches "soft skills" around creating a job-ready portfolio and interviewing for data science positions. There are no license requirements for general employment in this field.

$2,000 to start

$9,500 total

About school

Thinkful offers a wide range of excellent courses to choose from. Part-time courses include Data Analytics Part-Time, Data Science Flex, Technical Project Management Part-Time, Digital Marketing Part-Time, Software Engineering Part-Time, UX/UI Design Part-Time. If you want to study full-time, you can choose from UX/UI Design Full-Time, Data Analytics Full-Time, Software Engineering Full-Time. Finally, for those wishing to study remotely, Thinkful online courses include Data Analytics Part-Time, Data Science Flex, UX/UI Design Full-Time, Technical Project Management Part-Time, Digital Marketing Part-Time, Data Analytics Full-Time, Software Engineering Part-Time, Software Engineering Full-Time, UX/UI Design Part-Time.

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