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In person Medication Aide Classes

In person

Medication Aide Program

A New Career Pathway in Healthcare

Have you been considering a rewarding career in healthcare but unsure of how to fit education into your schedule? Our Medication Aide program is an engaging opportunity designed just for you.

Comprehensive Training in a Short Time

In just nine weeks, our program provides comprehensive training for the role of a Medication Aide. You will learn vital skills like safe storage, management, and administration of medications under the supervision of experienced healthcare professionals.

Potential Work Environments

Upon successful completion, a variety of employment opportunities become available. You can find potential roles in diverse healthcare settings such as long-term care facilities, personal care facilities, correctional institutions, state schools, and state hospitals.

The Promise of Growth

The healthcare industry is witnessing an increasing demand for qualified Medication Aides. This profession provides excellent job security and opportunities for growth, making it a desirable choice for those seeking a stable healthcare career or those wanting to gain patient care experience for further opportunities in the healthcare field.

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Hybrid Medical Assistant Classes


The Medical Assistant Program is designed to provide the students with clinical and administrative skills, which will enable them to perform both front and back-office procedures in medical offices. The administrative skills students will learn include medical ethical issues, medical codes, how to deal with a variety of patients, schedule appointments, complete insurance forms, patient billing, and electronic medical records. Students will learn how to perform the following clinical skills: setup an examination room and assist with general examinations, take vital signs, injections, capillary punctures, venipunctures, perform and evaluate routine laboratory tests. Students will learn how to use these skills and procedures via classroom and clinical hands-on training. The medical assistant graduates will be qualified for entry-level employment in medical offices, various hospital departments, and health-care clinics. They can seek post graduate employment positions as a medical

Classes are held in person for two to three per week. The remainder of the work is completed via remote platform and is available to the students 24/7.

Financial aid is available for those who qualify.

Day and evening classes are available and start every 5 weeks. Students are able to complete the program in 8 months.

Financial aid (may be available)

In person Certified Nursing Assistant Classes

In person

A Fast Track to Healthcare Success with Texas Health School

Imagine stepping into a healthcare career in just four weeks! That's what Texas Health School's Nurse Aide Program offers. It's quick, effective, and tailored for the busiest bees among us.

Why choose our Nurse Aide Program?

  • Impactful Care: Nurse Aides play a crucial role in the wellness journey of patients, helping with daily tasks, monitoring health, and providing emotional support.
  • Career Stability: The rising aging population means more demand for skilled Nurse Aides. You could find opportunities in hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and more!
  • Practical Training: Our program offers hands-on training, making sure you're ready for the real-world healthcare scene.

What will you learn?

You'll be trained to handle a wide array of tasks, including:

  • Assisting with daily activities like bathing, grooming, and dressing
  • Helping with mobility and walking
  • Observing and documenting vital signs
  • Providing emotional support and comfort
  • Educating family members and patients on treatments and preventive care

Our program emphasizes dedication, communication, compassion, and ethical behavior, so you're not just a Nurse Aide - you're a beacon of care!

$300 to start

$1,836 total

About school

Accredited by The Council on Occupational Education, Texas Health School was established in 2002 with the mission to provide quality education to a diverse student population. To this day, THS continues to focus on student success with its excellent instructors and a wonderful learning atmosphere.

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