Southeastern Community College's West Burlington Campus is dedicated to providing vocational education in the field of Criminal Justice: Corrections. Their program stands out by offering comprehensive training that combines theoretical knowledge of law enforcement with practical applications that are highly valued in real-world situations. The program is designed to challenge and inspire students, fostering their intellectual curiosity through a well-designed curriculum. By emphasizing the complexities and diversity of the criminal justice system, the program prepares students to excel as correctional professionals. The Campus takes great care in tailoring its classes to ensure maximum engagement, resulting in a high success rate for graduates. Through a combination of traditional and innovative teaching methods, the program highlights the importance of effective communication skills through varied sentence structures. As an institution, Southeastern Community College's West Burlington Campus is committed to making education accessible and guiding students towards successful careers in corrections.


Southeastern Community College - West Burlington Campus

Southeastern Community College - West Burlington Campus is located in Burlington, IA and offers a wide variety of educational programs, including a Certified Nursing Assistant program. The campus is directed by Kristi Schroeder and provides personal, interactive learning opportunities and support services. With a focus on helping and empowering students to realize their educational and career aspirations, Southeastern Community College is an excellent choice for those looking to enhance their career path.

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1500 West Agency Rd Box 180, West Burlington, IA 52655