The Business Administration program is designed for students who wish to specialize in business, entrepreneurial, or sport management careers. Choose from four pathways: Business Office Management, Entrepreneurship, Legal Office Management, or Sport Management. Each pathway is supported by coursework that offers skills and hands-on training in the chosen field. Topics include leadership, teamwork, communication, social media, event management, and developing your professional image.

Diploma and certificate options are available and can be earned separately or in conjunction with this AAS degree. You also have the opportunity to participate in Business Professionals of America with the chance to attend state and national conferences.


Southeastern Community College - West Burlington Campus

Southeastern Community College - West Burlington Campus is located in Burlington, IA and offers a wide variety of educational programs, including a Certified Nursing Assistant program. The campus is directed by Kristi Schroeder and provides personal, interactive learning opportunities and support services. With a focus on helping and empowering students to realize their educational and career aspirations, Southeastern Community College is an excellent choice for those looking to enhance their career path.

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1500 West Agency Rd Box 180, West Burlington, IA 52655