South Denver School of Nursing Arts: Online Certified Nursing Assistant Program

Kickstart your healthcare career with the Online Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program at South Denver School of Nursing Arts.

Who We Are

We're an institute dedicated to your success in the world of healthcare. We offer comprehensive and accessible training programs to help you become a certified nursing assistant (CNA) right from the comfort of your home.

Why Become a CNA?

CNAs are the unsung heroes of the healthcare world, providing crucial assistance to patients and filling the gap between patients and registered nurses. As a CNA, you'll have the opportunity to improve patient quality of life, maintain important records on patient wellbeing, and provide critical support to your healthcare team.

What You'll Learn

Our CNA training program covers a wide range of essential skills:

  • Physical Care: Learn about hygiene, nutrition, hydration, and more.

  • Basic Nursing Skills: Acquire skills for infection control, safety procedures, therapeutic techniques, data collection, and reporting.

  • Restorative Skills: Understand prevention, self-care, and independence promotion.

  • Psychosocial Care Skills: Develop your ability to respond to emotional, mental health, spiritual, and cultural needs.

  • Role of the Nurse Aide: Boost your communication skills, understand client rights, legal & ethical behavior, and how to be a contributing member of a healthcare team.

Supportive Community

We have an experienced, professional, and friendly staff of licensed nurses who are passionate about teaching and preparing students for the Colorado Nurse Aide State Board exam. Our classes are limited to 10 students, ensuring individual attention and guidance for every student.

A Focused Training

We take pride in our curriculum, focusing on the 'how' and the 'why' behind every skill and knowledge area, ensuring our graduates are well-rounded professionals ready to make a difference.


South Denver School of Nursing Arts

At South Denver School of Nursing Arts, we believe CNAs are the Heartbeat in Healthcare©. Our CNA school has a proven track record, currently leading the state with a 98% pass rate. Our students are motivated, dedicated and excited about entering the healthcare field. Our passionate nurse faculty lead interactive and structured and cohorts, mentoring our students to be successful, the first time they take state board examinations.

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7853 E Arapahoe Court Suite 3300, Denver, CO 80112

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