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In person CPR / Basic Life Support Classes

In person

Located in a city renowned for its healthcare services, Simply The Best Kare offers premier Healthcare Certification Programs, featuring an impressive CPR / Basic Life Support certification. The school heavily highlights personal growth and accomplishment. Its well-versed, professional teaching staff assures in-depth education, developing students' capabilities for health crises. Meticulous yet applicative training techniques confirm students' grasp of Basic Life Support. Finalizing this course equips students with a sought-after certification, enhancing their work portfolios in the medical field. The school's dedication to reasonably priced, efficient healthcare education is unparalleled, consolidating its high regard in the medical sector. The business hours accommodate a varied student community, cultivating an encouraging learning atmosphere while upholding strict educational expectations. Consequently, Simply The Best Kare adequately backs motivated individuals, furnishing necessary healthcare competencies, advancing career progress.

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In person Certified Nursing Assistant Classes

In person

Simply The Best Kare offers a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) certification program, which provides students with the necessary skills and knowledge to work in the healthcare industry. The program includes classroom instruction, lab practice, and clinical experience in a supervised environment. Upon completion of the program, students receive a certificate and are eligible to take the state CNA exam.

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About school

Simply The Best Kare is an educational institution located in MS offering various programs, such as Certified Nursing Assistant certification, to the local community. Directed by Brandi Jefferson, the school provides a supportive and nurturing environment to its students and is committed to delivering an excellent educational experience. With its dedicated faculty and extensive range of courses, Simply The Best Kare is the perfect choice for anyone looking to further their education.

In the Hattiesburg, MS area

602 Adeline St, Hattiesburg, MS 39401