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In person Home Health Aide Classes

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Seeking to become a Home Health Aide but not sure where to begin? Your journey starts at San Diego Medical College CNA School. Offering Home Health Aide certification, this renowned institution provides top-notch education, proficient faculty, and a conducive learning environment to ensure you attain the competency required in this profession. By undertaking your studies here, you are not just gaining knowledge but acquiring the right set of skills and expertise to make a difference within the healthcare industry. Embark on this life-changing career path with San Diego Medical College CNA School today. This is your ticket to a rewarding career as a Home Health Aide. The path to making a significant impact begins here.

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Hybrid Certified Nursing Assistant Classes


Should individuals pursue a path in healthcare, they often find a rewarding entry point into this industry as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). This is a satisfying and internally rewarding role that provides hands-on patient care, setting a solid groundwork for future pursuits in the medical field. Opportunities to gain this certification are numerous, with one note-worthy option being the San Diego Medical College CNA School. It offers top-notch educational standards, providing comprehensive training that equips students with the necessary practical skills as well as the knowledge needed for the CNA profession. Upon obtaining their CNA certification, graduates can find plentiful prospects in hospitals, medical centers and home healthcare, services where a highly qualified CNA is always valued. This career path does not only provide job security but also an avenue to make a real difference in people's lives.

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In person CPR / Basic Life Support Classes

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San Diego Medical CNA School offers a CPR/Basic Life Support certification class. The class teaches participants the necessary skills to safely and efficiently provide CPR and Basic Life Support for a variety of medical emergencies. Students in the class will also learn how to use a defibrillator and other lifesaving equipment.

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In person Certified Nursing Assistant Classes

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San Diego Medical College CNA School (San Diego Medical) offers a Certified Nursing Assistant certification (CLE3C4W6N002U3DOZAHY42LQ0) class in San Diego, CA. The course provides an in-depth overview of basic nursing skills, medical terminology, patient care and safety, and interpersonal communication. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be eligible to take the California Nursing Assistant certification exam.

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San Diego Medical College CNA School, located in California, offers programs to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. The school is led by experienced director, and students can also take courses in medical terminology and preventative healthcare. With its accredited programs, San Diego Medical College CNA School provides students with the tools they need to become successful in the medical field.

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