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In person Medical Assistant Classes

In person

Ross Medical Education Center - New Baltimore provides a distinguished Medical Assistant certification program that emphasizes real-world application and hands-on learning. The program is designed with comprehensive coursework developed by experienced healthcare professionals, ensuring students gain the necessary skills for a real healthcare environment. The faculty, comprised of seasoned healthcare professionals, offers expertise and mentorship to enrich the learning process. The school promotes a hands-on learning experience, allowing students to master the use of medical equipment and interact with electronic health records. With flexible learning options and career services, Ross Medical Education Center prepares students for success in the healthcare sector. The accredited program elevates students' credentials and the school's solid reputation reflects their commitment to healthcare education. Overall, the program serves as a sturdy stepping stone for aspiring healthcare professionals, striking an ideal balance between theory and practical training.

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In person Dental Assistant Classes

In person

In the Ross Dental Assistant school program, students will be instructed on clinical as well as administrative skills relevant to the dental office. Training program instructors with experience in the field provide instruction to students on many necessary skills including radiograph processing, preparing and disposing of anesthetic, taking and recording vital signs, and taking impressions.

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About school

Ross Medical Education Center in New Baltimore is an esteemed institution committed to offering an enriching environment and scholarly programs to give students the rewards of a healthcare career. We focus on in-depth training, promoting intellectual growth as our students get ready for rewarding roles in medical fields. At our center, students learn from experienced and patient educators who guide them to master significant skills. Alongside regular study, there are opportunities for hands-on experiences to help students implement what they absorb in class. Our aim is to mold skilled professionals who can contribute positively to the healthcare sector. Furthermore, Ross Medical Education Center - New Baltimore is recognized for its interaction with the local community, as we continuously strive to reach out, contribute, and support causes that matter. We believe that this commitment goes beyond mere teaching and contributes to making a real difference in society.

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