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Phlebotomy technicians must complete educational requirements with clear proof of understanding and clinical requirements that include, but are not limited to, the fundamentals of correct phlebotomy methods, equipment maintenance, and testing combined with kind patient care, correct record keeping, documentation, and patient assessment / processing.

$500 total

About school

The Prestigious Phlebotomy Program is well-known for its excellent healthcare education. It offers outstanding certification programs that prepare future healthcare professionals. The school stands out with its modern laboratory equipment, providing practical training and real-world experience. They regularly update their curriculum to match industry standards, ensuring students learn the latest healthcare practices. The experienced faculty delivers quality education and guidance. The school's hands-on training equips students with phlebotomy skills for their careers. They also provide strong student support and boast an impressive job placement service, ensuring graduates find employment opportunities. Overall, the Prestigious Phlebotomy Program is dedicated to quality education, student success, and professional readiness, making it a top choice for aspiring phlebotomy professionals.

In the Philadelphia area

8045 West Chester Pike 2nd Floor, Upper Darby, PA 19082