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Tower Technician


Ready for a career change? Join the online tower technician program at Pinnacle Career Institute and get ready for an exciting journey into the world of telecommunications. Our comprehensive course is designed to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge for entry-level employment as a tower technician.

Course Highlights

  • Comprehensive training in telecommunications maintenance and modifications.
  • Certifications in OSHA-10, CPR, First Aid, and Telecommunications Tower Technician 1 (TTT-1) from NWSA.A

Boot Camp and Practical Exam

  • Conclude the course with an 80-hour boot camp in Kansas City, Missouri.
  • Earn certifications in OSHA-10, CPR, First Aid upon successful completion.
  • Take the National Wireless Safety Alliance Telecommunication Technician Level 1 Practical exam after the boot camp.

Career Support

  • Dedicated support throughout the educational journey, from before, during, and after graduation.
  • Team of professionals committed to assisting students in achieving success and finding rewarding careers.

Apply to our program today and take the first step towards a rewarding future.

Financial aid (may be available)

HVAC Technician


The HVAC Technician Program at Pinnacle Career Institute is perfect for those passionate about heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems. Our program equips students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed:

Comprehensive Training

  • Ample hands-on learning opportunities to apply knowledge in real-world scenarios, building confidence and proficiency in working with HVAC systems.
  • Focus on high-demand skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, and teamwork, enhancing employability.

Hands-On Experience

  • Intensive 80-hour boot camp in Kansas City, Missouri to review program objectives and practice essential competencies.

Diverse Career Opportunities

  • Graduates prepared for entry-level roles like A/C Technician, HVAC Installer, HVAC Mechanic, HVAC Service Tech, HVAC Specialist, HVAC Tech, HVAC Technician, and Service Technician.

Ready to advance your HVAC career? Invest in your future now by submitting your application! Your HVAC journey starts here!

Financial aid (may be available)

Wind Energy Technology


Take your career in the wind energy industry to new heights with the Wind Energy Technology program at Pinnacle Career Institute. This occupational associate degree offers a comprehensive curriculum and opens doors to advanced positions and leadership roles.

Advance Your Career

  • Gain in-depth knowledge of wind turbines, wind site management, and information technology used in the industry.
  • Explore advanced concepts in renewable energy systems and sustainable practices.
  • Acquire practical skills through hands-on training and real-world simulations.

Develop Leadership Skills

  • Enhance your communication and managerial abilities to excel in supervisory positions.
  • Develop problem-solving and decision-making skills to tackle challenges in a leadership role.

Job Opportunities

  • Prepare for entry-level roles such as Wind Site Supervisor, Wind Site Manager, and Wind Turbine Installation Supervisor.

Join Pinnacle Career Institute's Wind Energy Technology Program and unlock your potential in the thriving wind energy sector.

Financial aid (may be available)

Wind Turbine Technician


Experience an exciting career in the alternative energy industry with our Online Wind Turbine Technician Certificate program. Gain comprehensive knowledge and hands-on training to excel in wind energy.

Comprehensive Education

  • Learn about wind turbines, electronics, hydraulics, and safety.
  • Gain a deep understanding of alternative energy systems.

Engaging Curriculum

  • Interactive online classes that keep you engaged and motivated.
  • Prepare for a successful career in the wind energy industry.

Hands-on Training

  • Attend an exciting 10-day boot camp in Kansas City, Missouri.
  • Receive practical, hands-on training in wind safety practices and basic electronics.

Join our Wind Turbine Technician Training Program and become a valuable contributor to the growing wind energy sector.

Financial aid (may be available)

About school

PCI is a trusted institution that provides valuable career training tailored to the demands of today's ever-changing job market. With over 60 years of experience, PCI has been instrumental in helping numerous qualified students achieve success in their desired fields. The institute specializes in offering practical training programs in trades, technical skills, and alternative energy industries, ensuring that students receive education that is directly applicable to their chosen career paths. One of the key strengths of PCI lies in its dedicated instructors who bring real-world expertise and experience to the classroom, ensuring that students acquire the skills and knowledge that are highly sought after by employers in today's competitive job market.

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