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Phlebotomy Training Specialists (PTS) - Spokane, located in the peaceful Liberty Lake area, offers exceptional healthcare certificate programs. The school's highly regarded Phlebotomy Certification Program is a model in healthcare vocational training. PTS-Spokane takes pride in meticulously designing its coursework to provide top-quality education. The program focuses on practical training, giving students hands-on experience to smoothly transition into professional settings. What sets PTS-Spokane apart is its dedication to individual attention, maintaining optimal student-faculty ratios for personalized guidance. The experienced faculty creates a dynamic learning environment through a mix of lectures, interactive sessions, clinical training, and laboratory exposure. In summary, the Phlebotomy Certification Program at PTS-Spokane serves as a gateway for aspiring healthcare professionals, emphasizing a strong foundation in phlebotomy and preparing them for challenging situations. The program unfolds in an engaging manner, helping students acquire theoretical knowledge and practical skills with confidence. By training students to collect and process blood specimens safely and accurately, PTS-Spokane prepares them for the certification exam. The program also emphasizes the importance of patient care and empathy, contributing to overall professional development. Through this streamlined certification course, PTS-Spokane remains committed to producing skilled phlebotomists ready to excel in the busy healthcare industry.

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The Phlebotomy Training Specialists School, located in Liberty Lake, Spokane, is a distinguished vocational institution renowned for its high-quality healthcare certification programs. With a strong emphasis on practical training, students gain invaluable firsthand experience in the medical field, efficiently developing essential skills. Notably, the school offers a prominent Phlebotomy Certification program, focusing on equipping students with the necessary expertise in blood sample collection, a fundamental role in diagnostic laboratories. Additionally, the school provides exceptional training opportunities such as the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program, which emphasizes patient care and equips individuals with vital skills for measuring vital signs and assisting patients with daily activities. The Medical Administrative Assistant (MAA) program offers specialized administrative skills for medical front-office work, covering medical terminology, scheduling, billing, and coding procedures. The EKG Technician Certification program teaches students essential cardiac-related diagnostics, including the operation and interpretation of EKG equipment data. The Pharmacy Technician program prepares trainees with comprehensive knowledge of pharmaceutical service, encompassing drug classification, prescription interpretation, and pharmacy laws. Moreover, the Clinical Medical Assistant program offers a thorough study of clinical responsibilities in a healthcare setting, fostering well-rounded medical professionals. With an exceptional faculty comprising seasoned healthcare industry professionals, the Phlebotomy Training Specialists School goes beyond traditional vocational education, serving as a guiding light for healthcare professionals' aspirations and providing extensive hands-on training to ensure their readiness to serve the community effectively.

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23403 E. Mission Ave, Liberty Lake, WA 99019