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At Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology, you're exposed to an engaging program shaped towards equipping you with apt HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) skills. This course boasts a significant partnership with industry leaders to ensure the provided training meets the desired requirements of the HVAC industry. To competently train you for this field, we promise a stimulating learning environment and thorough hands-on training with cutting-edge technology. Availability of well-stocked labs fitted with up-to-date HVAC equipment is a guarantee. Undoubtedly, your destination for a successful HVAC career is right here with us, at Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology. You'll leave our institute not just with book-smarts, but also much-needed practical experience! Your success journey begins with us!

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Associate Degree in Nursing

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If you seek to learn CPR or Basic Life Support, consider seeking this training at Mid-Del Technology Center. In this institution, you will receive comprehensive instruction on how to respond during emergencies effectively. They offer a course tailored for those with minimal medical knowledge yet essential for anyone due to its life-saving potential. Open to everyone, the curriculum provides a clear, easy-to-comprehend and accessible method of teaching these essential skills. The goal is to empower trainees with the know-how to remain calm and provide necessary assistance when facing life-threatening situations. This could be the difference between life and death. The facility promises an environment conducive for learning, paired with seasoned instructors adept in sharing knowledge and fostering understanding. So, if gaining this crucial skill is on your to-do list, Mid-Del Technology Center is an ideal place to refine your emergency response capabilities. It ensures you are well-equipped to handle any life-threatening emergencies promptly and efficiently.

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Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology (OSUIT)-Health Sciences is a pioneering force in healthcare vocational education, dedicated to fostering proficient and capable healthcare professionals through a diverse range of healthcare certification programs. These programs prioritize practical training, equipping the future healthcare workforce with essential skills. OSUIT-Health Sciences offers a comprehensive array of curricula covering various healthcare practices, including nursing, radiologic technology, orthotic and prosthetic technologies, cardiovascular sonography, and diagnostic sonography, providing aspiring healthcare professionals with a wide range of opportunities. Notably, the institution diligently adheres to industry standards in its training modules, collaborating with numerous healthcare facilities to deliver state-of-the-art education. Their training approach combines classroom instruction with hands-on experience, granting students access to modern labs equipped with advanced medical equipment. OSUIT-Health Sciences extends its commitment to student success beyond academics, offering comprehensive career counseling and placement services. The success of its alumni in diverse healthcare settings is a testament to the effectiveness of their training. The institution's learning environment promotes the development of critical thinking, decision-making, and interpersonal skills, emphasizing hands-on practice to ensure students are industry-ready. Moreover, OSUIT-Health Sciences goes beyond certification, offering associate and bachelor degree options for students seeking to advance their education. Their commitment to pushing boundaries is evident through partnerships with leading medical manufacturers, creating exclusive training opportunities. With a solid reputation highlighted by high student pass rates on national certification exams, OSUIT-Health Sciences stands as a paramount vocational school where aspiring healthcare professionals can carve out their niche.

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