Our hybrid program is broken down into two phases-4 weeks of online and clinical training, then 8 weeks of practical hands-on training on campus. It is a fast-paced, and enjoyable program that will have you confident in your new skills, and working in dentistry in 3 months.


Oceanpointe Dental Assisting Academy

Oceanpointe Dental Assisting Academy provides a stellar foundation for those keen to step into the world of dental aid. Armed with exceptional instructors, top-notch technology, and hands-on training modules, this institution prides itself on facilitating the development of competent, knowledgeable, and skillful dental assistants. Graduates from Oceanpointe Dental Assisting Academy are fully prepared to handle real-world challenges, cementing their position as indispensable members of any professional dental team. The academy promotes an education model rooted in practical skills and knowledge, thus ensuring that its students are ready to tackle dental emergencies and routine check-ups alike, while maintaining top-tier professionalism and care for the patients they serve. With Oceanpointe Dental Assisting Academy, one can be confident of receiving education that holds true to high standards and equips students with the vital skillsets needed in the fast-paced, ever-evolving field of dentistry.

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7 Cambridge Ln, Newtown, PA 18940