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Hybrid Certified Nursing Assistant certification Classes


The Certified Nursing Assistant certification program at Nurse Aide Education is designed to train individuals who want to become professional nursing assistants. The program includes classroom instruction, laboratory sessions, and hands-on clinical training to ensure students have a comprehensive understanding of the basic nursing skills required in the healthcare industry. Graduates will receive a certificate validated by the state nursing board and be eligible to take the national proficiency exam.

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School Nurse Aide Education, lead by Anne Robbins, is a program located in Kentucky that focuses on providing Certified Nursing Assistant certification. The program is designed to train students to become qualified nursing aides who are able to provide basic healthcare to patients. With a strong emphasis on practical training, students will be able to develop important skills and knowledge to assist patients in various healthcare settings.

In the Richmond, KY area

351 Radio Park Drive Second Floor, Richmond, KY 40475