Earning a Certification in Business and Accounting from Norwalk Community College is a brilliant move towards a successful career. This certification equips learners with relevant skills in accounting and business, essential for a flourishing career in the competitive business world. Learning outcomes include understanding of financial statements, bookkeeping and other related areas. The syllabus is set in line with domain experts’ requirements and current industry standards. It keeps students abreast of trends in finance and commerce, inspiring competence and efficiency in workplace environments. The certification boosts credibility and opens myriad opportunities for career advancement. Hence, the certification at Norwalk Community College is not only career-oriented but also industry relevant and is set to produce competent and skilled professionals.


Norwalk Community College

Norwalk Community College is a two-year college located in Bridgeport, CT. It offers a variety of programs, including Certified Nursing Assistant, and is led by director Kristina Testa-Buzzee. The college strives to provide quality education and resources to its students, and is dedicated to helping them reach their educational and career goals.

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188 Richards Ave, Norwalk, CT 06854