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In person Dental Assistant Classes

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New England Teaching Institute provides an outstanding Dental Assistant qualification course. It's reputable for its practical training and cutting-edge tools, guaranteeing students acquire broad, experience-based learning. Deep comprehension and skills enhancement are key focuses. The Institute's diverse, expert-led syllabus encourages proficiency in both the theoretical and practical sides of dental help, preparing students to thrive in the bustling healthcare sector.

$3,500 total

About school

The New England Teaching Institute is proud to unveil an innovative platform for comprehensive education, ensuring all students have timely access to the best and highest quality resources and practices in education. Committed to the pursuit of continuous advancement, the Institute brings the highest international standards in teaching techniques and learning strategies, strengthening collaborations among educators around the country. The Institute empowers teachers with a blend of extensive knowledge and practical skills, delivering integrated solutions linked to the varied needs of individual students. The Institute goes beyond the borders of traditional learning, enabling the transformation of education, fostering a spirit of discovery that stimulates intellectual curiosity for lifelong success.

In the New Haven, CT area

323A Universal Drive, North Haven, CT 06473