At North Mohave Campus of Mohave Community College, we pride ourselves in offering a remarkable learning opportunity for individuals seeking a career in Criminal Justice: Corrections. By delving into this program, students get to comprehend the intricate workings of correctional facilities and systems, thereby preparing for a fulfilling career within this discipline. The coursework is designed to provide an in-depth understanding of institutional as well as community corrections, emphasizing on rehabilitative concepts. The comprehensive training includes learning about the sentencing process, inmate management, security procedures, and the legal, ethical, and social issues linked to corrections. Graduates aren’t just adept at understanding the roles, duties, and challenges in managing convicted individuals but are also primed for successful careers in diverse correctional settings. Thus, our program stands out as it combines academic instruction with practical knowledge, shaping future correctional professionals.


Mohave Community College - North Mohave Campus

Mohave Community College - North Mohave Campus is located in Lake Havasu City, AZ. It offers a variety of programs, including the Computer Network Administration Certified Professional program, and is directed by Carolyn Hamblin. The college provides a quality education and a supportive learning environment for students to reach their academic goals.

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