At Mohave Community College - North Mohave Campus, the students can attain crucial skills required in the medical area through a thorough medical assistant training program. This critical course aids learners to develop multifaceted skills, both administrative and clinical, required by medical personnel in emergency units, laboratories, and many other health care settings. The course not only provides in-depth knowledge of patient care, lab services, and medical assistance roles but also takes participants through the legal implications of working in the health sector. Included in the curriculum are in-depth lessons on medical ethics, which are indispensable for every medical worker. Upon successful completion, the students are prepared to sit for the medical assistant certification exam, underlining the program's credibility. Moreover, there is a focus on the development of soft skills like effective communication and professional behavior as they are crucial in the day-to-day running of medical institutions. The program prides itself on equipping students with a solid foundation for a rewarding career in the medical field and assists in producing responsible, compassionate, and competent professionals ready to face any medical challenges.


Mohave Community College - North Mohave Campus

Mohave Community College - North Mohave Campus is located in Lake Havasu City, AZ. It offers a variety of programs, including the Computer Network Administration Certified Professional program, and is directed by Carolyn Hamblin. The college provides a quality education and a supportive learning environment for students to reach their academic goals.

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