Mercy College of Health Sciences is a renowned institution known for its commitment to producing healthcare professionals of unmatched caliber. Located in the heart of a rapidly growing medical community, it offers an array of health science programs, with each being distinctive in itself. One such program is the Diagnostic Medical Sonographer certification. Essential in the modern medical field, the program's importance cannot be overstated. Diagnostic Medical Sonographers play a pivotal role in detecting, diagnosing, and aiding in the treatment of an extensive array of diseases. By skillfully operating ultrasound machines and interpreting the resulting images, they assist physicians in diagnosing and treating a plethora of health disorders. The College takes pride in setting learners up for success. Rigorous and esteemed, the program spans across four semesters which are marked by a blend of theoretical instruction and practical training. It delves deep into the anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology of various body systems, ensuring a comprehensive understanding among learners. Students gain extensive hands-on experience in modern, state-of-the-art labs. Irreplaceable insight is acquired through direct interaction with real patients in both the simulated environment of the College's clinical labs and the actual clinical settings.


Mercy College of Health Sciences

Mercy College of Health Sciences in Des Moines is a unique trade school that only provides healthcare training courses. Famed for its thorough programs, it furnishes its students with current insights in medical fields, ensuring they are capable of meeting the demands of the industry. The college's cutting-edge amenities enhance a hands-on learning process. With seasoned industry professionals as teachers, students receive practical, real-world instruction that readies them for their careers. The college's concentrated, top-notch programs aim to help promising healthcare workers establish strong bases for their future professions.

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