Marion S. Whelan School of Practical Nursing

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In person Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN/LPN) license Classes

In person

Work under the supervision of RNs to offer basic care and assistance. LVNs/LPNs are an essential part of patient services.

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About school

The Marion S. Whelan School of Practical Nursing embraces a culture of care, teaching practical nurses with an inspiring curriculum and hands-on training. Our dedicated faculty promote a nurturing learning environment that is focused on imparting diverse nursing skills and values, providing enriched fields of study for students. We impart knowledge and foster essential skills, fostering individuals who can navigate and adapt in a growing field. By combining theory, practical learning, and ensuring all students have an understanding of key healthcare topics, we create resilient, confident nurses ready to provide care in various health situations. We inspire a passion for care in our students and our dynamic curriculum promotes the highest standards of nursing.

In the Seneca Falls, NY area

196 North St, Geneva, NY 14456