The Security Guard certification program at Lloyd J. Swartz, Protection and Investigation, is a comprehensive training program designed for individuals interested in pursuing a career in security services. The program covers a range of topics such as security management, patrol procedures, emergency response, and report writing among others. The training is conducted by experienced professionals and upon completion, candidates are equipped with the necessary skills to provide effective security services to clients.


Lloyd J. Swartz, Protection and Investigation

Lloyd J. Swartz, Protection and Investigation is a school located in New York, offering various programs including defensive tactics, firearms instruction, and private investigations. Directed by Lloyd Swartz, the school provides quality instruction and training to those looking to further their knowledge in the fields of security and protection. With decades of experience and a dedication to the safety and security of the community, Lloyd J. Swartz, Protection and Investigation is a top choice for those looking to expand their expertise

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215 PERKINS DR, Hudson Falls, NY 12839