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In person Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN/LPN) license Classes

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Work under the supervision of RNs to offer basic care and assistance. LVNs/LPNs are an essential part of patient services.

$18,419 total

About school

Lenape Practical Nursing is a widely recognized trade school, known for its detailed health care certificate programs. These programs prepare students with diverse skills for several high-demand health roles. Its course content is incredibly detailed and rich, covering areas such as blood-drawing and patient care, all taught by active professionals. With top-class facilities available, Lenape combines theoretical knowledge with practical experience. The school constantly enhances its courses, matching the changing needs of the health industry. Emphasizing real-world experience, it's a solid choice for those eager to build a strong career in health care.

In the Pittsburgh, PA area

104 Armstrong St, Ford City, PA 16226