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Upon successful completion of the Medical Assistant program at California State University Long Beach - College of Professional and Continuing Education, students will be completely prepared to take up the Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) exam. Distributing their newly-acquired knowledge in varied clinical and administrative tasks, the students will be properly equipped to effectively contribute to the smooth operations of the healthcare industry. The curriculum is designed to instill the significance of patient care, teamwork, and professional behavior in a medical setting. Organized into eight comprehensive weeks, this program is intended for individuals who are committed to taking up a challenging, yet rewarding role of providing top-quality healthcare service.

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Located in a vibrant neighborhood, Laney College has a significant role in providing high-class health-related vocational qualifications. Grounded in tangible, real-life instances, their syllabus provides learners with the necessary capabilities for succeeding in their chosen careers. They offer a wide spectrum of courses such as nursing and dental hygiene. They possess state-of-the-art infrastructure, inclusive of well-appointed labs, thereby fostering a positive environment for practical learning. The college's certified tutors, seasoned professionals in their fields, guide students in small, highly effective classes. The college cultivates dedicated relationships with local health institutions, providing students with valuable internships and job assistance. Therefore, Laney College stands as a superb option for any hopeful healthcare professional seeking top-tier vocational training. Most graduates from Laney College secure jobs within months, owing to their excellently honed skills. Laney College manages to harmoniously merge education, practical applications, and job prospects, promising students the very best quality.

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