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Houston Medical Assistant School - Cypress incorporates the NHA Medical Assistant CCMA study guide as the core textbook resource, provided to students without any extra charges. The school focuses on ensuring that students are adequately prepared for their externship by week 14 of the program. Successful completion of an 80-hour externship at a nearby medical practice is a requirement for Houston MAS-Cypress students to obtain their certificate of completion. Students are given the choice to either select an office for their externship or be assigned to a suitable local medical practice to fulfill this externship requirement.

$1,990 to start

$4,790 total

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Houston Medical Assistant School - Cypress aims to offer students a unique opportunity to pursue a career as Medical Assistants without the lengthy academic programs. The school provides comprehensive training, equipping students with all the necessary skills and qualifications to successfully enter the local workforce.

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9740 Barker Cypress Road, Cypress, TX 77433