Health Career College stands out as a distinguished institution offering a robust Medical Assistant certification program, providing a pathway for students to realize their healthcare ambitions. With experienced faculty and an exceptional curriculum, the college prepares the next generation of proficient healthcare practitioners. The program seamlessly blends theoretical learning with hands-on practical exposure, covering medical terminologies, patient care, laboratory procedures, and more. State-of-the-art laboratories and industry experts as faculty members create a conducive learning environment, enriching students' understanding and expertise. Moreover, strategic partnerships with local hospitals and clinics offer valuable externships, ensuring real-world experience. The college's unwavering support and accreditation further bolster confidence in the quality of education provided. Graduates emerge as competent medical assistants, ready to make a meaningful impact in the healthcare industry. The Medical Assistant program at Health Career College exemplifies the perfect harmony between theory, practice, and professional exposure, fostering skilled professionals poised for success in their healthcare careers.


Health Career College

Health Career College is a reputable institution providing students with quality education in healthcare courses. Located in Pleasant Hill, the college offers a wide range of programs, including Medical Assistant, Vocational Nursing, and Dental Assisting. The college equips its graduates with relevant skills and knowledge for employment in the healthcare industry.

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115 Crescent Drive, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523