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Hybrid Phlebotomy certification Classes


Phlebotomy Technician Hybrid/Online Program


Harmony Health Career Training LLC offers a comprehensive Phlebotomy Technician Hybrid/Online course. This training prepares students for critical roles in medical labs, focusing on practical techniques for collecting, handling, and preparing blood specimens.

Course Content

In this dynamic program, aspiring phlebotomy technicians will learn essential skills and knowledge, including:

  • Vein recognition

  • Basic venipuncture techniques

  • Correct order of draw

  • Tube recognition

  • Basic anatomy and physiology

  • Common medical terminologies in the field

  • Other vital aspects of the phlebotomy profession

What Sets Us Apart

Our course aims to foster thorough understanding and proficiency, emphasizing the impact of each technician's role on overall lab operations. The hybrid/online format offers the flexibility and convenience of online lessons, coupled with hands-on practice sessions for a well-rounded learning experience.

We're proud to say that our CNA/Nurse Aide I and Phlebotomy Hybrid courses are WIOA approved programs for Wake County. This testament to our program's quality should inspire confidence in all students who choose to pursue their career training with us.

$650 to start

$1,200 total

In person Certified Nursing Assistant certification Classes

In person

Harmony Health Career Training: CNA I Training Program

Ever dreamt of a fulfilling career in healthcare? Harmony Health Career Training's CNA I Training program is the perfect starting point! This is no ordinary course. It's an enriching journey designed to turn you into a competent, confident Certified Nurse Aide.

What's in Store?

  • Practical Skills: This course is a hands-on experience where you learn to assist patients, take vital signs, and get a firm grasp of the essential duties and responsibilities of a nurse aide.

  • Deep Learning: You will gain deep insights into the principles of healthcare, body systems, and various diseases. It's like an exciting exploration of the healthcare world!

  • State-Approved: The 102-hour training program, including class, lab, and clinical rotation, is NC state-approved. You know you're learning from the best!

And, the cherry on top? Once you've completed the course, you're eligible for the NACES state exam, held separately. Passing it is your ticket to becoming a certified Nurse Aide. So, gear up for an exciting career and make a real difference with Harmony Health Career Training!

$512 to start

$825 total

About school

Specialized in the provision of allied healthcare training in Raleigh-Durham and nearby areas, Harmony Health Career Training Institute equips students with skills and knowledge to become high-quality and compassionate providers. HHCTI offers nine programs including CNA & Phlebotomy.

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