Gloucester County EMS EMT Training Academy

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In person Emergency Medical Technician Classes

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The course and internship equate to over 500 hours of education followed by a 144 hour residency ride-a-long program. This model of EMS Education is exclusive to the Gloucester County EMS EMT Training Academy. Academy graduates will possess the clinical, affective, and psychomotor skills and knowledge to begin the application process at Gloucester County EMS.

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The Gloucester County EMS EMT Training Academy is an educational institution dedicated to producing top-notch emergency medical technicians. Through this facility, passionate about making a difference, individuals can acquire relevant knowledge and expertise required to thrive in the medical emergency industry. Designed to equip students with practical skills, this academy blends classroom learning and realistic simulations, molding reliable EMT professionals. We believe the key to effective learning lies in live experiences; hence, we employ innovative technology and physical models that simulate true-to-life emergency situations. Under the guidance of highly skilled trainers, students learn to make split-second decisions that can potentially save lives. Join our ranks, and let's make a positive change in our community.

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1200 N. Delsea Drive, Clayton, PA 08312