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Logistics Fundamentals Certificate


Learn about the components of supply chains including supply chain networks, supply chain facilities, transportation, and inventory management as well as how emerging technologies affect them with our Supply Chain Fundamentals Certificate. These courses are perfect for learners seeking to enter the supply chain profession, as well as those who are seeking to enter supervisory roles or enter a new domain within the supply chain.

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The Georgia Institute of Technology offers a wide range of professional education courses that cater to the needs of working professionals, with a focus on enhancing their skills and knowledge in various fields. These courses are designed to address the demands of today's ever-changing workplace and provide individuals with the tools they need to succeed in their careers. Whether you are looking to gain a competitive edge in your industry or switch careers altogether, Georgia Tech has a program for you. Their professional education courses are taught by industry experts and cover a diverse range of topics, including technology, business, leadership, and more. With flexible learning options and a commitment to excellence, Georgia Tech is a trusted provider of professional education for individuals and organizations alike. So if you are looking to enhance your skills and advance your career, look no further than the Georgia Institute of Technology.

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